Critical Cheese Automatic

When it comes to productive auto-flowering seeds, Critical Cheese Automatic is your best bet. It produces the strongest possible flavor and signature cheesy aroma around. It was only a matter of time before marijuana producers were able to cross the strongest possible flavor with the most productive auto-flowering seeds around, and this was the result. Critical Cheese owe their genesis or origination from the genetics of the Skunk variety, which also has a secondary (yet just as important benefit) of being high yield, fast flowering, and intensely pungent.

Having something cheesy and ultra-high-yielding should be of great interest to customers who want to try something new and strong. This is why producers have decided it would be an interesting experiment to combine both genetics of auto-flowering seeds with the Skunk seeds to produce maximum yield and intense taste. It was the combination of two Skunk-based marijuana variants—Critical+ and Cheese—that made the crossbreed Critical Cheese Automatic possible. Ostensibly, the aroma and flavor of the plant is off-the-charts “cheesy”, specifically of the Limburger Cheese variety. Ergo, this is best enjoyed with heavy-duty filters to maximize the euphoric physical and mental effect it brings to its users.

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The buds are dense, full of resin, and you’ll need final stage carbon filters to get the most of the plant. Be careful, because the smell can become uncontrollable if you take too much at a given time or don’t use the right filters. The crossbreed has a regular growth pattern, large internodes that are characteristic of Critical+, and an open structure. These seeds are of great interest to Skunk marijuana enthusiasts everywhere who want to enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of the low maintenance auto-flowering capabilities of Critical+ with the delectably flavorful offerings of the already prerogative Cheese to benefit the users.

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Where to Buy Critical Cheese Automatic seeds?

If you want to buy high quality Critical Cheese Automatic and other marijuana strains seeds for growing indoors or outdoors, then there are a lot of online marijuana seed banks which sell them. You might get some high quality free marijuana seeds with your order. You might also some coupons and discounts in your next order.

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