Auto Pounder: The Yield King of All Autoflowering Strain

greatest yielding autoflowering strain

The Auto Pounder Cannabis greatest yielding autoflowering strain is truly a royalty in the cannabis world. It’s an excellent partner on delivering abundant yields that’s quite impossible for an auto to have!

In doing business, we always take a risk on something that is more profitable. Whether how long it takes or how much effort we should do, investments are meant to not fail. It should gain more money than how it was.

Likewise, the cannabis industry employs a similar situation. Growers tend to choose on some strain that would yield a lot more. Breeders began to create new strains that will induce greater yields.  The developments for stronger and better yielding strains are still ongoing to give probable customers more options.

One of the greatest strain conceived is the Auto Pounder Cannabis greatest yielding autoflowering. Being dubbed as the greatest yielding auto-flowering  cannabis strain, this is a serious strain to deal with. In this page, we’ll be able to take a review and provide a concrete description of this strain.

Profile Description for Auto Pounder Cannabis Greatest Yielding Autoflowering Strain

The auto pounder comes from a blend of three cannabis varieties including sativa, ruderalis, and indica. Though the percentage of each variety is not indicated, it’s expected that it’s generally indica dominant. This super auto is a combination of three powerful genetics exclusively the Auto #1, the Big Bud, and an unknown Power Plant which is said to be a landrace cannabis genetics in South Africa.

Auto #1 is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that comes from the mix of the Super Skunk and Siberian Ruderalis. It’s another auto-flowering strain with a THC content of 15% and a high yield of buds from 250 to 350 grams per square meter consequently. It takes pride in its no odor capability during its entire growing phase for which only a few strain exhibits.

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Whereas, the Big Bud is another Indica dominant strain known for its impressive gigantic buds and great yields.

These strains came from the Afghani and Skunk roots with great resilience towards different growing conditions. As to the Power Plant, there’s limited information to the whereabouts of this strain. This could be a hidden or a secret recipe from its breeder.  

Nonetheless, the auto pounder features a few similar characteristics to its parent strains. It has a moderate THC content a bit higher about 15% to 18% than the formerly introduced strains. It has a CBD content of less than 1% as well.

Moreover, like Big Bud, this strain has a gigantic bud with a very high flower to leaf ratio. Upon ripening, it blooms with white hairs and nice deep green flowers. The long and narrow leaves are surrounding the bud, a clear indication that it’s an indica variety.

Cultivation of Auto Pounder Cannabis Greatest Yielding Autoflowering Strain

Yes, it’s a big bud yet it doesn’t mean that it’s a tall and long tree. The Auto Pounder only grows about 60 to 100 cm (23 to 40 inches). It’s easy to grow with high resistance to mold and pest attacks. The strain grows from seed to becoming a matured plant at only a time span of 70 to 80 days.

Likewise, during this time you’ll be able to harvest the buds from the plant. Bud yields are generally very unusual for an auto-flowering plant that could range from 450 to 650 gram per square meter (1 pound per square meter).

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However, in order for it to maximize its bud yield, you have to ensure that it will get a great amount of light through grow lamps or exposing it through direct sunlight. It’s important to understand that light should not be exposed 24 hours a day. There should be a balance on the lighting of it.  

For outdoor cultivation, it’s recommended to plant it in late spring most likely on the first week of July. Doing this, you could eventually harvest buds in late September before autumn commences.

Effects of Auto Pounder upon Use

This great yielding strain delivers quite a satisfying ‘high’ to its users. Generally, it’s relaxing to use giving you comfort after a day of tiring work. The strain is an excellent use during nighttime to keep the focus and to help you to aid on sleeping.

Moreover, it could cause dry mouth upon long term use. Thus, its best to use it moderately or on small doses to prevent this condition from happening. Judging only from its THC content, you can’t expect that it will thoroughly help you attain that strong euphoric feeling. However, it will reach you that mild ‘stoned’ point as intended for at most 30-minute euphoria.

Upon growing, this strain does not have any cannabis pungent smell that some strains had most especially during the flowering phase. However, upon drying and curing it, a fruity sweet resembling citrus aroma develops which will entirely be felt upon smoking or consuming this strain.

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Apart from recreational purposes, this strain could also be used through therapeutic benefits. With its moderate THC content, this strain would be cured for treating insomnia, depression, and anxiety conditions. This could also be good for pain management and alleviating concentration.


A big king that truly fits its throne. The Auto Pounder Cannabis greatest yielding autoflowering strain is an expensive strain sold only in limited cannabis breeders. Though costly, many users still put their investment on this strain because of the great bud yields upon harvest. Being an autoflowering strain, this enjoys its short stature and quick growing capability. Thus, in a span of a month or two, you’ll be able to harvest a lot of buds similar to those varieties with a growth rate as much as three to six months.

Aside from that, this strain could be grown indoors or outdoors. Likewise, you could easily put it anywhere because it doesn’t smell much upon its flowering phase. It’s basically a good medium for discreet cannabis growing. It’s also easily grown and disease resistant, quite flexible on different environmental conditions.

Its potency and THC content ain’t also bad. It doesn’t have more than 20% THC content. However, it does its job to keep you high upon use. It has a good yet very familiar flavor that some cannabis strains releases upon smoking. Plus, the strain has few medicinal benefits that also most cannabis strain possesses.

Overall, this marijuna strain is an answered prayer to growers and enthusiasts out there who wants to cultivate an auto which produces great yields. It’s a powerful strain fitting for beginner growers and to those who want to start a cannabis business. It’s a perfect strain to get a lot of buds in a short period of time. Good luck with that!

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