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marijuana edibles

Marijuana Edibles

A food enriched with cannabinoids such as cookies, brownies, pasta,chocolate and more edibles that can be infused by marijuana, were discussed in this context. You can easily infuse any method …

THC distillate

Get to Know the THC Distillate

indica vs. sativa

The Difference Between Indica and Sativa

mistakes of new marijuana growers

Common Mistakes of New Marijuana Growers

cfl autoflower grow

What is CF Lights or CFL Autoflower Grow?


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worldwide seed bank
what Is cannabis Ruderalis.

Get To Know The Cannabis Ruderalis

CBD honey sticks

Interesting Facts About CBD Honey Sticks

facts about THC

Know More About THC in Marijuana

best autoflower strains 2020
can you buy marijuana seeds in massachusetts


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acapulco gold autoflower

Facts About Acapulco Gold Autoflower

Acapulco Gold Autoflower is a famous Sativa strain which, as its name implies, originated from Mexico. It’s hard to find the heavy smoke, leading to its exclusivity and appeal. This …

sativa autoflower strains

What is Sativa Autoflower Strains?

auto super lemon haze

Facts About Auto Super Lemon Haze Seeds

most yielding autoflower strain

Most Yielding Autoflowering Strain

fastest autoflower strain 2020

What Are The Fastest Autoflower Strain 2020?

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why does weed make your eyes red

Why Does Weed Causes Red Eyes After Smoking?

We usually heard and concluded that whenever we saw people with red eyes, we always assumed that it was caused by using marijuana. So why do people get their eyes …

Marijuana Strain Remedy For Stress

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worldwide seed bank

Best Seed Banks in the World

Even though marijuana is legal in some parts of the world it still has a complicated relationship with the law. Marijuana is legal in the selected areas of the United …

Get To Know The Cannabis Ruderalis

Interesting Facts About CBD Honey Sticks