Autoflowering cannabis seeds can be treated exactly how you would treat a regular seed or a feminized seed. They are just as normal as it could be when it comes to its germination. There are several ways you can use in germinating marijuana seeds but based on our experience, there are 2 ways that do this job more effectively than the rest and is quite easier to do too. These are how to germinate auto-flowering cannabis seeds with a 90% success rate so all your seeds can become the delicate and healthy cannabis plant you intend them to grow to.

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds?

Germination is the process of the plant to develop from seeds into a sprout that is ready for vegetative growth. 

Factors the Influence Seed Germination and Two Methods

  • Temperature – 25 – 27 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature of the medium
  • Water – Autoflowering seed germination process requires a specific amount of liquid or water to stimulate it to sprout. Further, the pH level is critical and should be at a 5.6 -6.2 range.
  • Growing Medium – Any available means will be usable for autoflowering seeds but the most common is soil, water, or paper towel.

Method Using Paper towel and Water

geFirst, In a glass soak your autoflowering seeds in lukewarm and clear water for around 18 hours

After a period of time, the water will start to seep in the time holes of the seeds and will add on to its weight resulting in the seeds to sink at the bottom.

Get a plastic plate and wrap this with a couple of paper towels. Now, you can pour the glass of water with seeds in it over the paper towel and let the water flow over until the excess is drained off. 

Gently move the seeds around the plastic plate with a paper towel on it by using sterilized tweezers and make sure each seed has some space between them to develop. 

Now, using another moistened paper towel, cover the seeds on top.

Place the plastic plate with the seeds enveloped with 2 moist paper towels in a shaded place, a closet or a cupboard is suggested as well. 

Leave this for 2-7 days and avoid reopening the paper towel and the time the seeds sprouts will depend on the firmness of their shells.

Check once in a while until the seeds will start to grow a tiny taproot that is white and wait until they are around .5 cm long.

Make sure the paper towels are moist but not too wet. This will allow the taproot to take in nourishment and develop quickly. Sprinkle with clean water if you notice this drying up.


  • Growers can ensure and select the sprouts before they set them in there preferred medium.
  • Have control over the germination of the seeds by providing the perfect conditions to influence its growth.
  • Seeds can also develop faster than if they are planted directly in their medium.


  • Amateur growers may ruin the seed by putting them in the wrong conditions and allowing the influencing factors to be incorrect
  • If forgotten for too long on the paper towel set up, the completion of the process may slow down or even stop totally.
  • It requires more effort instead of just planting them directly into the soil.

Method using the Natural Way

This is simple as planting your autoflowering cannabis seed in a damp medium as deep as about 2 to 3 times as the seed’s diameter. The seed will develop its taproot downwards into the soil and the seed’s blades will search for its light source. Due to the leaves still developing while they are looking for a light, they will germinate above the soil and the time sprout will hold its position by its taproot.

If you plant the autoflowering seeds too deep it will exert more effort to stretch itself towards the light, but if it is planter nearer to the surface the root can then take in the light and can slow down the plant’s growth. So it is crucial to plant the seeds in just the right amount under the top of the soil.


  • This is a very simple process, as you just have to plant the seed directly into the soil.
  • This method is the least stressful for the tiny sprout. The soil can protect them from any sudden changes in temperature and variations of the light.


  • This method will not allow you to see how the seeds will germinate and will not be able to see which actual seeds will sprout and which didn’t. Not being able to do so will require more pots or planting containers which may cause waste of capital due to some seeds not developing. And, if you really wish to determine which is which you will have to do each one in a separate container.

To see more of our germinating process, follow our blogs and discussions on this website. Bookmark and make sure to read our updated blogs related to your queries. If you also want to get some tips on where to find the best marijuana seed bank that you can find online. Check out Crop King Seeds for their marijuana collections.