Original Skunk Marijuana Seeds Full Review

original skunk seeds

It’s impossible to count how many strains have evolved from the Original Skunk marijuana plant. This hybrid is the backbone of all Skunk varieties while its children have become parents of more Skunk strains as well. This shows how potent the Skunk is and how it’s impressive characteristics remain over different generations. If you are interested to grow Original Skunk Auto flower Marijuana seeds, it’s smart to read this review of this strain before you make your decision. 

Overview of Original Skunk Marijuana

The Original Skunk strain is an international sensation. Since this powerful hybrid was initially introduced in the 1970s, it has been used to create different strains by different breeders all around the world. From the quaint breeder in Spain to the large-scale cannabis breeders in Canada, a unique Skunk strain exists. And the secret to Skunk’s potency comes from its genes. 

Original Skunk Marijuana Parent Strains

Original Skunk was initially bred by a Colorado breeder who had no idea it was going to be this popular. It was made by combining the genes of impressive landrace strains including Afghani strain, Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold strains.

The process used to breed Original Skunk was intricate and spanned a number of generations before they were able to get the ideal balance of relaxing indica and stimulating sativa. The careful breeding captured the aromatic mixture of earthy smells and skunkiness which can help stimulate the body and enhance the mind. 

Considering the parent strains of the Original Skunk, you can tell that the reason why it has become one of the backbones of cannabis breeding was because of its strong and stable genetics. All the parent strains are powerful landraces which are not surprising that the resulting strain is powerful as well. 

Original Skunk Marijuana Effects

This hybrid strain offers an elevated creative effect because of its intense energy buzz. It can make you feel happy, uplifted and euphoric but not too overly excited that you lose track of the situation. You’ll feel incredibly relaxed that you are able to forget stress and worries to focus on work, 

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Original Skunk offers renewed energy something you’ll need in the morning as you try to complete different tasks. It can help people suffering from lack of energy, physical or mental fatigue and those suffering from a creative slump.

And as you enjoy this energetic experience, you won’t have to worry so much about side effects. The most you can get out of an Original Skunk is dry mouth and dry eyes. 

Side Effects

The Original Skunk can cause dry mouth and dry eyes despite its low THC content at 11%. You may also experience slight paranoia and dizziness mostly common in people taking this strain for the first time. Only a few users complain about headaches but this is again possible if you are a novice to the Skunk’s charms. 

None of these side effects is life-threatening. These may simply go away without worry and seasonal users usually just ride the high. Consuming Original Skunk in moderate amounts is a good way to avoid these side effects.  

Original Skunk Marijuana medical Effects

Aside from being an energizing strain that can enhance creativity, Original Skunk is also a medical strain. It has potent natural analgesic effects which makes it effective in the relief of all kinds of pain. 

You can get relief from headaches, muscle pains, muscle strains, post-operative pain, and even chronic pain. Young and old use Original Skunk preparations to deal with pain effectively with very little psychoactive effects. 

Aside from pain, you can also use Original Skunk to deal with stress and depression. It has natural analgesic properties which can help stop negative thoughts and emotions. 

And if you’re too stressed to do anything and this affects your appetite then this strain can help you. It will improve your appetite by reducing stress and blocking out depressive thoughts. 

Growing Original Skunk marijuana Plants

The thing about Original Skunk marijuana seeds is that you will never distinguish these seeds from other cannabis seeds varieties. It’s also impossible to find out if you are getting the best quality seeds just by checking the appearance of the seeds.

To get the best Original Skunk cannabis seeds, buy only from a reputable seedbank or from an online seeds shop. Check reviews and ask people who have purchased seeds. Shop smart and you’ll be able to get the best quality Original Skunk seeds.

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How to find out the Viability of your Seeds?

Cannabis seeds like the Original Skunk Marijuana seeds will not sprout if it is not viable. To check for viability, look for the following traits:

  • Seed appearance (color, size, shape and noticeable marks)

The ideal seed color for Original Skunk cannabis seeds and almost all cannabis seeds are black. There are also some seeds that are colored dark brown, dark blue or sometimes purple. Seeds with dark color are viable seeds but those that are green or white in color are non-viable and thus will never sprout. 

Cannabis seeds may be small to medium sized, round and with a slight taper. You might find seeds with unique designs and patterns on the surface. These seeds are mature seeds and will surely sprout as soon as you germinate these. 

  • Seed smoothness

Take a seed and feel your fingers across the surface of the seed. It should be smooth, with very few imperfections. If you find holes, deep grooves or scratches then don’t germinate the seed. 

  • Seed hardness

With the seed in your hand, press on it gently using your thumb and forefinger. The seed should hold and must not feel soft. If you press a little, the seed must not compress or lose its shape. 

  • Overall condition of the seeds

The seed should not be opened and must not have any dirt or mold. In short, the seeds you will plant are in their best condition. 

  • Seed weight

It’s not about placing your seeds on a weighing scale but it’s about checking if it has heavy, viable insides. The best way to do this is to place the seeds in a glass of water. 

Let the seeds remain in water for about an hour. After the designated time, check your seeds. Some of the seeds will float a sign that these are light and don’t contain any viable insides. Floating seeds should be discarded because these won’t grow. 

Meanwhile, seeds that have settled at the bottom or seeds that have sunk are viable seeds. These are seeds with heavy viable insides and thus will grow in time. Allow these seeds to remain in water for a day, to soften the coat and start germination. You may also remove the sunken seeds in water and place these in a peat pellet until it germinates. 

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The Ideal Growing Medium for Original Skunk Cannabis

Original Skunk cannabis plants may be grown indoors or outdoors and in any kind of growing medium (soil, water or air) but the best growing medium is still soil. But not just any soil. You must use only soil with the best nutrient and water absorption and air absorption.

There are a number of soil products and commercially-prepared soils in the market but if you were to pick from these soils, choose sandy-clayey soil. This type of soil will be able to absorb more nutrients and water plus allows oxygen to move through the roots. You may also further improve the quality of your soil to adapt with your plant’s growing needs by using organic material including bat guano, worm castings, and chitin.

If you want to use your own garden soil to grow cannabis then you must first check the health of your soil. This must contain the nutrients your plants need and also the right pH levels to help your roots absorb more nutrients. 

The Ideal Way to Feed your Original Skunk Cannabis Plants

Feeding an Original Skunk plant should be done once or twice a week. Feed your plants the ideal nutrients your plants need according to its stage of growth. 

During the vegetative stage, your plants need a fertilizer with high nitrogen content. Cannabis plants need nitrogen to enhance the health of the leaves, stems, and branches. These keep the plant healthy and ready to support large buds come flowering time.

During the flowering stage, your plants have a different diet. It now needs fertilizer or supplements rich in potassium and phosphorous but with very little nitrogen. Plants at this stage have stopped growing and are now fully concentrated on budding. These don’t need nitrogen anymore and in fact, more nitrogen can be bad for flowering plants.

Improve Bud Size and Growth 

Original Skunk buds are moderately large but may still be enhanced with the use of these techniques: grow using the screen of green to maximize. The SOG is done by placing a screen to keep your plants short and allow light to reach even small immature buds along the sides of the plant. 

Aside from these techniques, you may also use high stress and low stress techniques to ensure the best yields with Original Skunk marijuana strain

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