Autoflowering Seeds

As a marijuana grower, people often look for ways to improve their gardens. There are many things to learn about marijuana cultivation and setting up the ideal environment for your autoflowering cannabis seeds is always a crucial part of that. This is because having the necessary knowledge and idea about planting marijuana seeds makes the whole cultivation process a lot easier. Additionally, growers constantly expose themselves to different ways and methods of planting seeds. Whether it is for the new experience or for easing the process a little bit, new planting techniques are always available for growers.

One of the most famous and beloved types of seeds to grow are the autoflowering cannabis seeds. A lot of marijuana fans and enthusiasts have turned their attention to this type of seed. This is mainly because it provides a number of distinct advantages when being planted. Here in this article, we will give you guys a brief idea of what autoflowering seeds are and what they are capable of. After reading, go ahead and try out the different autoflowering seeds available in the market!

What are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Like anything else in this world, technology has a way of catching up with our daily activities. This is especially true with the cannabis industry and we have the autoflowering cannabis seeds to prove it. Autoflowering cannabis seeds, as the name suggests, are a type of marijuana seed that holds the capacity to generate flowers automatically. They are less reliant on the amount of sunlight, air, and water that they absorb in order to fully mature into healthy plants. You see, other types of cannabis seeds aren’t like this. They have a very strict preference for the number of natural nutrients and minerals that they receive. This particular feat is what sets autoflowering seeds apart from the rest.

Since a long time ago, cannabis plants have grown all around the world. They can be found in all sorts of growing environments with various weather conditions. One such species called the ruderalis cannabis is the perfect example of a cannabis plant forced to adapt to its environment. While there are the famous indica and sativa cannabis species, not many people are familiar with the ruderalis cannabis. The origins of this marijuana species can be traced back to places like the wild mountains of Central and Eastern Europe. Sometimes, people even report having seen this marijuana species in Canada and the USA.

One of the main differences of the ruderalis cannabis from its fellow cannabis species is the growing environment in which it can be found. The places in Europe where these can be found display harsh growing environments for plants. It would either be too hot or too cold for plants to prosper. Because of this, the ruderalis cannabis started to develop a trait that protected it from these extreme weather conditions. Thus, the ruderalis was finally able to produce flowers automatically. This is an example of the cannabis plant being forces to adapt out of necessity in order to prosper and grow.

Advantages OF Using Autoflowering Seeds:

  • Like we said, they have the ability to generate flowers automatically. Growing them with a weak lighting system isn’t a problem as they still tend to mature.
  • They have a very fast flowering period as compared to other types of seeds. In about 7 to 8 weeks, you will find yourself harvesting the buds out of your autoflowering seeds.
  • Because they have adapted to extreme conditions, they tend to be sturdier and more resistant to harmful factors.
  • The plant structure of cannabis plants with ruderalis genes are known to be smaller and more compact. This makes them great for maximizing the gardening space in a grower’s crop.

As the cannabis industry continues to move forward, growers must also accept the many changes that come with it. Using autoflowering seeds may be foreign to some but with constant practice and continued cultivation, it will definitely help improve the whole experience of cannabis growing.