Dutch Treat Autoflowering Marijuana Strain

dutch treat marijuana strain

Dutch Treat Auto-flowering is mainly indica that produces dense sticky buds in dark green stains with big top branches. It has a scent of sweet pine and citrus that when you start to smoke it up, you will surely experience harshness in your throat that taste like orange and eucalyptus. It can give you total relaxation eliminating the amount of stress you have had the whole day. This is perfect during night time that you already want to take a rest and ease the heavy loads off your shoulders. You will certainly have a wonderful sleep that will energize your body for the next day work.

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When using Dutch Treat, you will feel energetic and tend to be very busy without being stressed out. This is also suitable for people who feel depressed and suffering from pain. It contains high levels of cannabinoids like THC, CBG, and CBD. You will notice that the smoke of Dutch Treat is thick in appearance causing the users to cough even without burning. As a result, beginners are not advised to try it up because of its extreme effect that they can’t be able to withstand.

Dutch Treat can be use to people who have migraine, anxiety, gastrointestinal disorder, arthritis, and multiple Sclerosis. People who have tried Dutch Treat said that they feel happy, relieved, and exhilarated. You can also use it to uplift your mood so that you can do your daily activities with ease and finish it rightly. Dutch treat doesn’t depend on light for its 100% growth which means it is perfect to be grown indoors but you can also plant it outdoors if you want to. It will take about 7-8 weeks to flower and has no stretch. Its yield can take up to 600 grams per square meter.

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Where to Buy Dutch Treat Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds?

Order Dutch Treat Auto-flowering marijuana seeds from a reputable online seed bank which offer worldwide discreet shipping. You might get some high quality free seeds with your order. They accept credit card, western union, bitcoins, cash in the mail and a lot more of other payment methods. Make sure to find a reputable online marijuana seed bank before spending your money.

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