When you choose to grow an autoflowering marijuana seed, you must ensure that you can provide the support it needs from day one until you harvest. It is highly suggested to start by growing indoors using artificial lights which you can control. Marijuana cultivation allows this method and allows you to commit fewer mistakes and increase your chances of having a good marijuana cultivation start.

Autoflowering Marijuana Cultivation

Germinating your seeds properly is a huge factor in the development of your Autoflowering cannabis plant. This is crucial as this will determine if the plant will have a good start on its growth cycle.

Marijuana cultivation has 2 suggested methods that are highly efficient and are very easy to perform as well. These are the paper towel method and Natural method which are all explained on our GERMINATION section of the website.

12 Easy Steps in Growing your Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

1. Choose the best container to use for growing your Autoflowering marijuana plant. It is suggested to start your growth on a container that you will use throughout its life cycle. This is to avoid the chance of stress your plant will get by not having to transfer them anymore.

2. Fill the container with the medium you prefer either go with a sandy-clayey soil or by using a light soilless mix medium.

3. Whichever medium you use moisten by using water and to make sure to check the pH level. The balanced level should be in the range between 6.5 to 7. Remember not to overwater and allow to rest for several hours to ensure excess water will drain and moisture has distributed well.

4. After the medium has settled, poke a hole in the middle of the container at no more than 1 CM deep. Place an Autoflowering Marijuana seed carefully then cover with the growing medium on top. It is imperative that the seed does not get exposed to any light before completing germination. If you have utilized a germination process then use the same principle but instead only plant the taproot of the sprout below the medium.

5. We suggest covering the top of the container loosely with cling film to temporarily act as a humidity enclosure while the sprout is still fragile.

6. Position the container in your to grow space with your light fixtures in place. It is recommended to provide as many hours of light as you can on an Autoflowering marijuana plant but we believe a 16 to 20 hours a day is ample enough to help in its growth size and health yet allowing rest to your electricity bill as well. But giving a 20 to 24 hours light has been reported to bring great results as well and all these apply to most of the varieties available.

7. Once the sprout has opened the seed up entirely with the seed shell detached. We can now remove the cling wrap we have used to cover the container and allow to plant to grow. Remember not to water your plant for at least a week as they can still get nourishment on their own. After this, we can start to inspect the moisture content of the medium by trying to lift it up and feel how heavy it is. You will see how light the container will be if it is low in moisture. We recommend using only water with balanced pH levels for the next 2 weeks of growing to allow utilization of the nutrients that are naturally present in the medium.

8. After 2 weeks of only using pH balanced water, you can now start feeding your plant with the nutrients they require. Every stage requires a specific type of nutrient and make sure you are aware of this and is usually indicated on the packaging of the seed. You are now in the vegetative stage so you must use the correct nutrients they require during this period.

9. After 3 weeks into the vegetative stage, monitor your Autoflowering plant may begin to flower. Some strains may start earlier yet some may take longer but to know if your plant is beginning its flowering phase, you will notice a rapid growth that is very noticeable and this is what is referred to as the “stretch”. Typically, they will double their size during this occasion and you will see “budlets” will start to appear. Maintain your feeding and do not increase nutrient amounts unless there are symptoms of deficiency.

10. The usual growing period of an Autoflowering marijuana plant is around 65 to 75 days from germination and we recommend to start lowering your nutrients around the 55th day to around 25% if the recommended amount.

11. Days before harvest, only give your plant a pH balanced plain water and ensure not to overwater as well. This is what is referred to as the “flushing” of the marijuana nutrients to ensure the end product will be free of residual nutrients given to them during their life cycle.

12. TIME FOR HARVEST! Enjoy smoking!