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about us

Welcome to AutoflowerMJSeeds.com – a marijuana blog dedicated to helping you grow high-quality autoflowering marijuana plants.

Autoflowering marijuana has become a very popular strain in the marijuana world today because of the great things it has to offer like:

1. Easy to grow
2. Flowers on its own
3. Quick to harvest

We are glad you have visited our website and we hope that you will have a great time reading and learning about Autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Who We Are?

We are a group of medical marijuana growers who have been for years trying to perfect the art of growing marijuana. We have been in the marijuana growing world for years and have fallen in love with the autoflowering strains. This leads us to create and develop a website to share what we have learned about these strains.

When we came together just to discuss topics related to growing we came about asking how each of us started. Our response was almost unanimous and most of us did have quite a difficult time reaching our intended goals in terms of what we have expected with regards to the specific types of strains we have planted then. Yet, to those who actually did achieve they’re expected fully grown marijuana plant based on how the strain is described on its information materials they are not 100% certain or confident of what they did correctly and turns out to be just lucky enough to do so.

We intend to share the best and worst practices we have and will come across and to be able to provide a more worthwhile growing experience for those who are interested. After all, we are all about the medical use of cannabis and helping those who are depending on its efficacy and getting the maximum results of whichever strain they are growing.

In the world of medical marijuana, some strains are highly preferred than others depending on the condition being treated. For example, for those who require a remedy for insomnia or sleeplessness, an Indica strain that has mid-level THC with a low level of CBD may be prescribed. But, otherwise, if the patient has a low tolerance to THC then an Indica strain with a lower THC output and mid-level CBD may be preferable.

All strains each have their own attributes and characteristics that are being identified when choosing what is best for a particular condition. So, when you have picked out what is supposed to be the best for your condition based on the available information materials. The buck does not stop there. As the growing aspect will definitely influence these attributes and will also be highly dependent on the grower’s attitude towards this process.

Autoflower seeds are the best option there is for all beginner growers who intend to grow for personal consumption. This is the easiest type of cannabis to produce buds out of. It is simply because Autoflowering strains do not require any effort from its grower when it comes to photoperiod exposure. Autoflowering cannabis plants will engage on its flowering stage with or without light and dark schedules, unlike non-autoflowering seeds that need this to signal them that it is time to do so. Hence, the name Autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Finally, these plants are the quickest to grow and harvest out of all types of cannabis plants. Plus, they are the easiest to grow the reason why we are here to promote autoflowering marijuana seeds to be the best growing type of marijuana. While also attempting to perfect the process and of course to share this with our readers.

AutoflowerMJseeds.com prides itself to be a reputable source of information for those who seek it. We are here to learn and to share so that those who are depending on their plants to treat their conditions will be able to reap the full benefits out of the plant. Our advocacy is to be able to influence more and more people to grow their own cannabis plants and become capable of producing their own medicine. Is it not the best idea to become self-sustaining when it comes to one’s medications?

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