Cannabis 101

Marijuana use is a hotly debated issue nowadays. While numerous states in the U.S have already authorized the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes or in some areas for recreational use as well. Cannabis 101 has been controversial in many countries for quite some time. Even though, it is also a critical part of the present-day history of mankind. To some of which are on marijuana’s therapeutic effects, otherworldly reputation, and recreational utilization which goes back around 5,000 years ago. Furthermore, archeologists have discovered proof of marijuana’s origin way back in 1000 BC in several countries such as China, India, Africa, and Assyria.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a product acquired from the Cannabis 101 plant. It is probably the most established harvest known to humans. This is usually smoked by most. Be that as it may, it can also be eaten, blended in teas, or have its components blended in with different consumables known as “edibles.”

Marijuana has numerous names, including ganja, pot, weed, grass, Mary Jane, or bud. For it to be smoked, it is usually rolled up in paper or tobacco wraps which are known as joints or blunts. In the later part, marijuana consumption has been developed in various ways with the use of pipes, bongs, and nowadays, via vape pens and vaporizers.

Marijuana is usually utilized recreationally for the psyche altering effects delivered by one of its compounds the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Although, effects can greatly vary significantly from individual to individual. The most common effects known are relaxation, euphoria, an increase in appetite, and a heightened sense of perception.

The History of Cannabis 101

Medical use of marijuana goes back 5,000 years ago, which is why cannabis history is attached to numerous timespans. Marijuana was said to have been the main ingredient in holy oils used for anointing according to the first Hebrew adaptation of Exodus. Even more, the ancient Egyptians allegedly used marijuana as a treatment for inflammation and glaucoma.

In 1,000 BC, the Indians made a beverage called bhang, a blend of marijuana and milk, and used it as an anesthetic and sedative. Likewise, this beverage is still being used in India today. Additionally, Indians in ancient times have utilized cannabis as a solution for infection, fever, or even leprosy.

According to Roman history writings recorded in 70 AD, marijuana had been used as a solution for an ear infection and as an approach to suppress sexual desires. The Romans also used its roots to treat gout, joint inflammation, and pain. Meanwhile, the Arabians are known to have used it as a treatment for headaches and syphilis back in 800 AD.

Marijuana, otherwise called cannabis or pot, has a long history of human use. Oldest societies didn’t use the plant to get high but as a homegrown medication. The historical backdrop of cannabis development goes back to the early pilgrims, who utilized hemp for materials and rope. But, political and racial factors in the twentieth century prompted the criminalization of marijuana in many countries. But, its legitimate status is ever-changing in other countries as its beauty unfolds behind its controversial history.

Today, Marijuana is already starting to be widely accepted in many Western countries both medically and recreationally. We just need more time for this ideology to get out to more regions of the world. Due to this, it has allowed the development and improvement of the plant’s overall capabilities through its genetics. There are now over thousands of types, strains, and varieties available of the same Marijuana plant. Furthermore, research has allowed the enhancement of its attributes and characteristics. As a result, there are now strains that are stronger and more potent, faster growth time, feminized and Autoflowering varieties, shorter plants with full attributes, and even phenotypes that have yields never seen before in terms of quantity and quality.

The marijuana industry is ever-growing and is still expected to increase in terms of size. We are witnessing the boom of the industry with the immensely wide array of products available now plus those that are currently being developed. A wide array of options from gummies to balms, from dabs to vape pens, from oils to wax, and many more. Human innovation is set to give the plant ago and we are yet to see the best out of its possibilities. It is a great time to be in but this should have already been done decades ago if not for the ban that was applied to it wrongly.