Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for Growing your Medicine

medical autoflowering cannabis seeds

Medical autoflowering cannabis seeds have two types of cannabis varieties which grower are accustomed to – the cannabis and the sativa. These two are widely known forms of cannabis with quite a number of differences to which growers may choose depending on their need. However, there is another variety called ruderalis. The last variety has made it easier for growers to auto-flower other species and has started to cross breed it to indicas and sativas and the results are varieties which auto-flowers.

What are Indicas?

Indica is a type of cannabis. It is usually characterized by a bushy and short body. It is best to grow indoors and could take less time to flower which is usually 8-12 weeks. These varieties are easy to manage and stay very compact in a given space. Growers usually expect indicas as yield boosters and are the best when it comes to gathering buds at a higher yield. Indicas create a relaxing and numbing sensation to the body. It is an efficient form of relaxation for an indoor activity, late night chilling and to get a better sleep after a day’s work. In medicine, it is known to relieve pain levels. People who are suffering from MS and fibromyalgia can use indica strains as analgesic.

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What are Sativa Strains?

Sativa strain is one of the three types of medical autoflowering cannabis seeds. It is easily identifiable because it is usually tall and has lots of stalks compared to indicas. Sativa leaves are narrow and fingerlike while indicas are broad and stout. While indicas give a relaxing high, sativa strains give an unusually energetic high similar to a cerebral kick. It is effective for those who work on creative pursuits and brainstorming. It is helpful in making artistic activities fun and enhancing. In medicine, it helps people who are suffering from depression as it increases the mind’s sensation and improves mood.

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How to get the Best out of Medical Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

People usually smoke weeds and burn them like cigarettes. In fact, doing this almost consumes almost all of the cannabis components without giving off the necessary THC needed. The best way to use weeds is to vaporize it. With vaporization, it slowly heats up the weeds to burn up to 90% of the weeds which is enough to give off THC upon vaporization. This method works better and will give off high without causing irritation and abrasions on the lungs, throat and the mouth.


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