Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Indoors – Things You Need to Avoid Before Growing

autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors

In the wild marijuana naturally thrives, but due to different atmospheric conditions, growing different marijuana strains in different areas around the world is not feasible because different marijuana strains have different requirements such as temperature and length of daytime light. Auto-flowering seeds and plants, for example, require a special amount of lighting length and spectrum. Because of this, marijuana growers cultivate their crops by growing autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors.

The following are the most important tips on what to avoid while growing auto-flowering cannabis seeds indoors. Growing auto-flowering seeds effectively is simple by following all these steps that keeping the ideal conditions mentioned that imitates the environment where auto-flowering plants normally flourish in.

Tips on How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Improper Soil

This is where it all begins. Auto-flower plants thrive in a light airy soil that has better ventilation yet drains quicker than clay soil and make it retain less water and nutrients. Do not plant auto-flowering marijuana plants on clay soil. Once the auto-flowering seed or plant encounters overly wet conditions, they wither and die. If you want to grow auto-flowering seeds, you either plant it in a light sandy soil you should plant it in a hydroponic system.

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Too Much Water And Fertilizer

That is why watering and adding fertilizers regularly is a must. You have to prepare your plants by making sure that its soil is rich in Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus, by adding different proven dry amendments. Since auto-flowering plants are better adapted to the light airy soil, it is best practice to have less fertilizer. Sandy soil or light soil drains faster than clay soil and too much fertilizer on your auto-flowering plant will hurt it. In terms of nutrients in auto-flowering plants, less is more. Do not put too much fertilizer.

This soil must be kept wet as auto-flowering plants are known to thrive naturally in the spring when the snow melts in the northern hemisphere. The seed must be put below the topsoil about two to three times its width. Allowing the seed to germinate in this depth will keep it entirely submerged in soil and will allow it to push itself out of it when germinating. The soil on top of the seed will also protect it from any temperature fluctuations or changes in its environment that shall affect its germination.

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Understanding the soil requirement of growing autoflowering cannabis seeds will make us understand that they also need better water drainage and they don’t thrive well on wet soil. Because of this, you must ensure that you choose a post that is medium-sized, about 5-7 gallons that have good drainage for draining water and soil aeration.
You should choose a pot where your auto-flowering cannabis will remain in its entire lifetime. Transplanting causes shock which the auto-flowering cannabis seedling may not tolerate very well. It is best to plant the seedlings or let seeds germinate in their final pots so that transplanting will no longer be a necessity.

Too Hot Or Too Cool Indoor Temperature

Autoflowering cannabis seeds require proper temperature for it to germinate and thrive as seedlings and mature plants. The optimal surrounding temperature is 27 degrees Celsius and the being a little above it or below it is tolerable. If you are in a cold area you must ensure that the seeds are properly heated while if you are in a hot area, ventilation or even air conditioning might be required. Keeping the seeds above or below this temperature is bad for the seeds.
Another thing to watch out about your soil is your soil pH levels by keeping it neutral and never allowing it to become acidic or alkaline. A pH level ranging from 6.0-7.0 is adequate for a soil system or a hydroponic system of planting. Acidic or alkaline soil will hinder nutrient absorption of the plants.

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Auto-flowering plants just like other marijuana plants are sensitive to environmental factors, so having environmental control for temperature, ventilation, and air-conditioning is a must.

Wrong Lighting for Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Indoors

The auto-flowering seeds must be kept in total darkness and only allow it to be lit once it sprouted. You may then light it with an 18-hour light cycle throughout its lifetime.

Full-spectrum LED lights work best in any type of auto-flower marijuana plant. Higher lumens mean better yield for your crop too. If LED is too expensive for you, the CFL of fluorescent lighting is a cheaper option.

Sunlight is still the best light for your auto-flower plants. Even if you live in an area with only 12 hours of sunlight on average, it is still more powerful lighting than any artificial lighting system that growers could produce and will still give you better yields. So, growing outdoors is a viable option for your plants especially if you can environmentally protect your plants in a greenhouse.

When properly done, these tips will help you perfect your cultivation method. These tips will not give you overnight success in cultivation and growing autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors but will push you to your dream harvest.

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