Best Autoflowering Pot Seeds for Noobs

autoflowering pot seeds

The cannabis industry has been booming autoflowering pot seeds since it has become legalized in some countries worldwide and their research regarding the plant has been never ending. This includes the study involving their medical benefits, other health impacts when overdosed and more importantly, the cannabis seed technology. Several years have passed and many professional cannabis growers have developed effective ways on how to grow cannabis effectively.

There are also expert cannabis breeders who have successfully determined what makes cannabis more productive through analyzing both their phenotypes and genotypes. The success in selective breeding was made further when genetics came in and they were eventually able to manipulate the cannabis genes to make desired hybrids. Hybrids are a result of crossing two different strains, which in turn characterizes a combination of the parents’ traits.

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What are Autoflowering Pot Seeds?

For novice level cannabis growers, they find it quite difficult to understand such terms but it is actually easy. Autoflowering pot seeds are those seed types that are developed to “automatically” adapt and shift to its flowering stage from vegetative phase. In the case of regular cannabis seedlings, growers will have to adjust its light requirement when signals for flowering come out. However, in the auto-flowering cannabis seeds, the flowering time and the harvest period is already determined. All you have to do is to track it from time to time so that you will be able to address on other growth factors that it needs. With auto-flowering cannabis seeds, beginners will not find the planting process difficult because they grow fast and needs only low to moderate maintenance.

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What are the highly recommended seeds for beginners?

While auto-flowering cannabis seeds have the clear advantage on planting efficiency over the regular ones, it is important that the beginner cannabis growers will be able to identify which type or variety that they will choose to plant. Since the auto-flowering cannabis will allow you to have a certain amount of yield in a span of as early as ten weeks, a beginner can actually choose several strains depending on the added characteristics such as preference for flavor and smell. Some cannabis strains that are suggested for potential growers are Skunk, Lowryder, Blueberry, Auto Diesel, Vertigo, Ruderalis, White Haze, and Blue Cheese. Several other easy cannabis varieties are available and you only need to figure out which is best for your planting environment or whichever you think is compatible with your growing capacity.

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