Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Outdoors

autoflowering cannabis outdoors

Autoflowering cannabis outdoors is not that different with growing regular or feminized marijuana varieties. There a few things that they differ.

What’s the difference between auto-flowering marijuana seeds and the other cannabis strains?

Auto-flowering marijuana seeds can grow autoflowering cannabis outdoors which can finish early. While the regular strains can grow and flower the entire spring or summer, auto-flowering marijuana strains can automatically flower within 17-20 days of growth which makes them to finish and ready for harvest within 70-80 days.

Is Autoflowering Cannabis Outdoor Good for Growing?

Yes, it is. There are a lot of people who are growing outdoor auto-flowering marijuana without any problems. For as long as the outdoor environment where you are growing them are plant friendly then you will surely get a very rewarding harvest.

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Growing autoflowering cannabis outdoors is of course dependent on the outdoor climate and season. Auto-flowering strains which are not for very cold season should be grown in summer. The good thing about auto-flowering marijuana strains is that they are not dependent on the light cycle so they can grow well in any region.

There are areas in the world where during the summer the sun doesn’t set at all giving nearly up to 24 hours of daylight. Some plants won’t do well with this kind of situation but the autos will do good because they are not dependent on how much light hours you expose them to. For countries where there’s not much sunlight then just give your auto-flowering marijuana plant a little bit of it then you will get good harvest.

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Where to Order Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds?

There are a lot of online marijuana seed banks where you can order auto-flowering cannabis seeds. They even ship worldwide discreetly and may provide you with some free extra seeds. These seedbanks have a lot of varieties for auto-flowering cannabis seeds which you can pick. With the ever growing competition of merchants in this business, more and more seedbanks are lowering their prices for these premium marijuana strains seeds thus it is good for the consumers. Do not just buy right away as soon as you find a good deal. Check and compare the different online marijuana seedbanks so that you will get the best deal that you could get.

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