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If you are a cannabis producer, you have to find some ways on how to store your cannabis. For a first time grower, investing in a tobacco humidor is not a great idea. Why? Simply because of its interior wood design, technically tobacco humidors are lined with Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar has the ability to influence the taste of cannabis which is not a good thing for storing. Another reason is that the potential of the sponge that it comes with, most tobacco humidors contain sponge for humidity purposes which is unreliable. Storing your cannabis in a plain humidor is enough, since it’s a neutral wood there will be no oils imparting your stored cannabis. So, a humidor lined with a mahogany is a preferable one. In this article, we are going to list some of the best cannabis storage. Best cannabis storage for your desired marijuana plants!

Top 10 Best Cannabis Storage

1. Stashlight

Stashlight is a 3 in 1 container. Smoke Honest is the one who professionally built it; stashlight is 3 in 1 because it consists of a doob tube, a  stash jar and it also comes with a lighter. It makes it the best cannabis storage because it is smell proof and waterproof. Since the jar is very tight there will be no single chance that the smell of your cannabis will be inhaled of the people around you. Stashlight can be brought anywhere you want and the best thing about this cannabis storage is that it has a lighter in it. Stashlight by Smoke Honest produces cool weed gadgets and accessories in the market.

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2. Stashtray

Stashtray is a multi-purpose tray. It was professionally made by Myster; stashtray holds a different variety of jars, lighters, grinders and more. Stashtray is used for exemplary products. Stashtray by Mystery is one of the best cannabis storage because it produces affordable products; tons of smoking accessories and top notches of weed for consumers who need it the most.

3. Medtainer

Medtainer is one of the top weed containers. The main reason is that it is very cheap and comes with a built-in grinder. Medtainer is one of the best cannabis storage because growers can choose any color and whatever design they want. With the use of medtainer you can store your weed on top of the compartment and whenever you want to smoke you can simply transfer the weed to the bottom compartment and grind it, after that you can now enjoy your smoke cannabis.

4. Tokebox

Tokebox is one of the highest quality cannabis storage. Tokebox may be a little bit pricey but it guarantees you that your money is worth the buy. Basically, it is made of high quality lock where the seal is properly made so that you won’t smell any unpleasant odor and lacquer inside and out . This cannabis storage will surely entice your friend to buy one because it has built-in features like a rolling tray. Tokebox is a quality weed storage box.

5. Weed Storage Box

The weed storage box or humidor is also a good buy instead of storing your cannabis in any jar or container. This cannabis storage has the ability to regulate the humidity level of the storage. It also allows the natural taste of the weed to shine through because of the wood.

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6. Hakuna Original

Hakuna Original is also high quality weed storage; therefore the price is half the original amount of Tokebox. The Hakuna Original is made of wood which makes it the ideal cannabis storage box. It comes with a storage jar that a 1/8 ounce can actually fit. It also has multiple dividers and you can choose any design you want. The only downside of Hakuna Original cannabis storage is that it does not have a secure loch but with the strong feature of magnets can keep the cannabis storage in place.

7. RYOT Box

RYOT Box is originally from an untreated wood; therefore it has the ability to make the taste of your weed better. If you used to roll some joints and smoke it then the RYOT storage box is a must have. You can use it on a day-to-day basis because you can store your weed properly for it comes with a built-in clear screen, so looking for your weed won’t be difficult anymore.

8. Rolling Box

Rolling box is not different from a RYOT box because this cannabis storage is used to keep your joint weeds. As a weed smoker having a rolling box is also a must have because you no longer have to worry about how to store your rolling supplies. This rolling box cannabis storage has two wooden knobs to secure your weeds and holds a rolling tray for papers. Rolling box is a complete package because of the papers and rollers that it comes with, and extra doob tubes to store joints and keep it extra fresh.

9. Weed Storage Jars

Weed storage jars are also effective when it comes to storing cannabis. Weed storage jars are the simplest and the most affordable cannabis storage. Since the weeds are sensitive to any chemicals that the storage releases, the weed storage jars passed the idea that it won’t make any affection to the original taste and smell of the stored cannabis.

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10. Mason Jar

Mason jar is by far the most affordable, cost-effective and idealistic cannabis storage. Mason jars can be found anywhere, especially in your kitchen. Mason jars are clear and transparent, so to avoid your stored cannabis from degrading better store it in a dark area or design it with a UV blocking paint.

Storing Cannabis: Do’s and Don’ts 

  • Keep the stored cannabis away from direct light.
  • Use any airtight cannabis storage whether it’s in the form of wood marijuana storage, glass or metal.
  • Keep the humidity level of any cannabis storage in between 55% to 62%.
  • Make sure to separate each strain so that they won’t come in great contact because there are marijuana strains that have high aroma volatility that can affect the other strain in terms of their taste. 
  • Do not store a fruit inside your marijuana storage, this will create too much RH  a mold will form.
  • Do not keep it inside a freezer this will lead to a tasteless weed, the trichomes of the cannabis will dry out and break off.
  • Do not store it in a tin can because this will degrade the THC level in the long run making the buds dry because of too much oxygen.
  • Do not store it in plastic bags or sandwich bags because plastics have a static element that will take away the trichomes containing cannabinoids.

Final Thoughts

Finding a cannabis storage is easy if you know what you are looking for, including the benefits and the capacity of the cannabis storage. Hope you find this article insights and ideas! Start storing your cannabis now and only choose the best and suitable storage for your cannabis.

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