What you Need to Know about Dwarf Low Flyer Auto Flowering

Dwarf Low Flyer Auto Flowering

Dwarf Low Flyer Auto Flowering is a strain that can grow in indoor and outdoor setups. This is one of the easiest strains to grow because as the name suggests, it is a short plant and is low maintenance. The Spain-developed strain will start flowering in about 6 weeks. It is mostly Indica, meaning, it can be used for medical purposes. Dwarf Low Flyer Auto Flowering is a cross between Early Girl and Low Rider, and an unspecified Ruderalis strain. The strain is continuously bred by Crop King Seeds.

Smokers will experience a natural high. Its THC level is moderate and can reach up to 10.85%. When properly cultivated, Dwarf Low Flyer will yield up to 75 grams per square meter when grown indoors.
Because of its short stature, Dwarf Low Flyer is perfect for indoor planting. Growers who lack space can also use the hydroponics method in growing it. This strain is guaranteed to just stay 2 feet and below. When proper lighting of 12-18 hours daily is given, Dwarf Low Flyer will flower automatically.

The reason why it is popular is in the name itself – the grower will have no problem regarding the space to use in planting it. Indoor guerrilla growing is possible with the Dwarf Low Flyer if one wishes to hide the marijuana plant. Because of this, novice growers often choose the strain as their first seed to germinate.

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A lot of growers have described Dwarf Low Flyer auto flowering as vigorous. In appearance, the plant looks resinous. It has short branches and may appear stout. The cannabis seeds also exude a strong smell. It is short – but a very productive plant. Although it will thrive in outdoor setups, growers might have a problem with the strong scent. The Dwarf Low Flyer auto flowering strain is more applicable when grown indoors.

Order Dwarf Low Flyer Auto Flowering Seeds

If you are looking for a place where you can buy Dwarf Low Flyer Auto-flowering marijuana seeds, then you should buy from a reputable online cannabis seed bank which offer worldwide discreet shipping. They also have high quality regulars and feminized strains which have 80% – 100% germination rate. You might also receive some free seeds if you spend more than $100. The promo varies depending on the seed bank.

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