What you Need to Know about Auto Silver Bullet Marijuana Strain

Auto Silver Bullet Marijuana Strain

Auto silver bullet marijuana strain is an auto flowering plant that belongs to Sativa Silver Haze group. It comes from two breeds: the first breed comes from South America and the other breed comes from Asia. This crossed breed plant has created a unique feature.  It develops from branches with buds. These buds can grow from up to 70 days and it is suitable for all seasons. With these reasons, many people prefer to have this plant in their garden and in their home. Aside from its fast maturity, this plant gives a psychedelic effect to its users.

A person who is using this strain will feel a one-of-a-kind ecstasy that he or she never felt for quite some time due to his/her depression. He or she will forget his/her problem once he/ she take this medicinal auto flowering plant. It also has a sweet taste and smell which people will truly love. Since it gives a wonderful effect to its users, this plant has become popular to many people. It has received numerous awards and cups from different parts of the world for several years.

This auto flowering plant is the fruit of labor of so much effort. As this plant increases its height, it grows numerous buds that contain 19% of THC.  But the usual harvest of this plant will depend on where you will grow it. If you plant it inside your home, the average yield will be 75 grams per harvest. But if you decided to plant it outside, you can harvest them with the weight of 180 grams.  With this statement, you can say that this plant can be grown anywhere. As per other Silver Haze varieties, this auto flowering plant gives an active, colorful and happy effect. No wonder why a lot of people choose this sativa plant.

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Where to Order Marijuana Seeds for Growing Indoors and Outdoors?

For quite some time now, more and more people are buying marijuana seeds on the internet because it is safe. There are no countries that own the internet. Aside from that, the online marijuana seed banks know how to get their seeds into your hands without any problems. They have discreet method and they have a wide variety of choices for high quality marijuana strains like Auto Silver Bullet that you might not find in your local seed store.

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