What is the Fastest Autoflowering Strain that can be Grown Outdoors and Indoors?

what is the fastest autoflowering strain

New growers and amateur growers usually ask “What is the Fastest Autoflowering Strain?”. It is always recommended to answer that question is the auto-flowering strain. One of the main reasons why growers choose autoflowering seeds is because of how fast they flower and mature from being a seed to big plants.

Here is the TOP 7 Fastest Autoflowering Strain

  • Gorilla Glue Auto

Gorilla Glue Auto is a very light variety with an amazingly high THC content of 24%. This strain produces a lot of extremely strong buds that are coated with bright orange hairs.

It is advised to use containers up to 1-13 gallons or 40-50 liters to grow greatly outdoors or grow lights that are 600 to 1000 watts per meter square indoors. As the product, the plants produce a very sticky, large thick buds with the sour lemon, diesel, and pine aroma after 9 weeks. 

  • Critical Automatic

Critical Automatic is the autoflowering version of the original Ruderalis and Critical. A feminized strain that has a quick flowering state and is very easy to grow. This strain can grow in any conditions and still can produce great yields of 350-400 grams per square meter indoors in 9 weeks, and 165 grams outdoors, with 14% THC levels. 

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The plant has shaggy stems, that perfectly absorbs the light, Though it can only grow 55-65 cm tall. It has a skunk and sweet flavor when smoked. And the effect of it is that you are being productive during day time and give you a relaxing sleep at night. 

  • Auto CBD Cheese

This Auto CBD cheese is an autoflowering version of the well-known Cheese genetics from the UK and is rich in CBD. It is a medical indica-dominant strain and got its characteristics from Chessy that is a fast flowering. It has 8% CBD and THC levels. And it is good for medical purposes.

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It only takes 8 weeks for its flowering period. And while the strain is blooming it creates a fragrance biggest that produces crop to reach 150-250 grams. The effects of the smoke bring calming, enjoyable, and relaxing effects and also very well-known for medical users.

  • Lowryder Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

This strain is a fast flowering strain, relaxing and potent plants. This plant is easy to grow and has a very stable genetics. It had become the most used Ruderalis strain. Lowryder Autoflower Marijuana is a tiny plant but still have a low CBD and moderate amount of THC. It is good to use in the day time to make you productive at home or at work.

  • Mazar Autoflower 

Mazar Autoflower is a crossbreed of both Skunk strain and Afghani with a touch of Ruderalis strain, this strain is also an Indica-dominant strain. It is also a fast-flowering plant that usually takes 90 days from germination. It gives a mild psychoactive effect because of its low THC content; although it doesn’t mean that it does not have importance. It has an incense smell with a hint of citrus that creates graphics experience to the users. 

  • Blue Amnesia Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Blue Amnesia Autoflower is tasted sweet marijuana with an 18% high THC content, it surely makes your head-rush with a flavorful taste. This balanced strain can quickly affect the mind of the user with a euphoric feeling that controls the mind. This will also make the user intensely focus on things and can also clear your thoughts from anxiety and depression. It can also take away the in the body and can make you very lazy that you will end up in a deep sleep.

  • Big Devil Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Growing the best flavorful autoflowering strain with Big devil. This strain can grow amazingly in the fattest time, which will surely want you to have more. It has a skunky flavor with an extremely strong fruity taste.

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