What Are Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

what is an auto seeds

Autoflowering marijuana seeds will grow into auto-flowering plants which will flower automatically when they reach maturity regardless of the light cycle used. They grow fast and quick so growers can harvest them real quick.

Auto-flowering marijuana strains are in almost all cases resulted from crossings or hybrids between different marijuana strains ( eg. Cannabis reduralis, Indica and Sativa). They are very opposite to Indica and Sativa which needs  a strict light cycle in order for them to flower. They automatically flowers  in a  certain age where most of them start to flower around week 3 of other plants.

Where to buy auto-flowering marijuana seeds?

The autoflowering marijuana strains grows in the market for quite some time now and people want them  as they grow fast and quick to harvest. They might not be that huge plants but they can provide you with reasonable amount of yield per plant.

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If you are in hurry for a good marijuana smoke, then you would need to grow autoflowering marijuana seeds either indoors or outdoors or whatever grow medium you would want it grown. For as long as you are giving it the right soil, nutrients, light, water and other things needed for your plants to grow then there would be no problem.

Why grow auto-flowering marijuana plants?

Auto-flowering marijuana strains have lower amount of yield and lower amount of THC compared to the regular strains but it is still worth your time, money and effort because it auto-flowers. It is speedy and very easy to grow.

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Since it can flower quickly then a grower (commercial or individual) can expect several harvests per year. In optimal conditions, you could get around 3-4 harvests. Isn’t it amazing to reaping great rewards for your investment of time, money and effort?

With the ever growing number of auto-flowering marijuana strains, you have an ample number of choices. If you want to buy some seeds, then you might want to check on some high quality marijuana seed banks. You can start on the internet because you don’t have to travel to find a reputable store. You just need to type “Buy auto-flowering marijuana seeds” in your favorite search engine, surely you will  find what you need.

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