What are Autoflowering Weed Seeds?

autoflowering weed seeds

With the discovery of auto-flowering cannabis variety, an alternative option from sativa and indica variety have enjoyed by cannabis enthusiasts. It provided a gateway towards a sustainable autoflowering weed seeds growing, conserving space and less effort on it.

The development of auto-flowering variety has catered also the extension of the available cannabis strains. Breeders have continuously use autos to mix with existing sativa and indica strains, creating a new and unique strain. 

But nonetheless, before we get excited about the ‘bud’ part, it’s important that we’ll be able to understand more on the start of every auto bud or flower, the auto-flowering weed seeds. 

In this article, we’ll discuss more into this and provide a concrete description of how to grow autoflowering seeds. 

The Conception of Autoflowering Weed Seeds Variety

The Cannabis Ruderalis Roots

The history of auto-flowering variety takes us back to the cannabis ruderalis genetic strain’s discovery in Southern Siberia, Russia. It was found by a Russian botanist named Janichewski in the wild forest areas during 1924. 

For he thought it was a regular cannabis species, he further examines it and realizes that he had discovered a new cannabis strain. The same strain was then, found in the forest areas of northern Himalayas as well. 

Later on, similar ruderalis cannabis populations are found in the areas of North America and Canada. It had then widespread to eastern countries in Europe such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Estonia. 

By its growth to different climatic conditions, the strains slowly had adapted to the environment causing it to become more varied. 

As of now, the cannabis ruderalis is rarely found on its pure genetic form. It’s quite undesirable for it produces extremely low yields and THC content as well. 

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The Breeding of the First Autoflowering Weed Seeds

The discovery of the cannabis ruderalis variety has opened its doors towards breeding more strains. The first seed used for cultivation of cannabis ruderalis were brought in Amsterdam during the early 1980s. It was later then, put in a seed bank for commercial purchase among cannabis enthusiasts. 

There is no evident person or organization that made the first auto-flower. Upon the commercial success of cannabis ruderalis in the market, breeders from different countries had begun to experiment the said variety. 

The earliest marketed auto-flower was the Lowryder in 1995. The unknown breeder was said to crossbreed a strain called the Mexican Rudy to a certain also anonymous Russian cannabis ruderalis. 

From then, the Lowryder strain has descended into different varieties and other strains were invented from the available strains. 

The name auto-flowering has only erupted along with the development of the internet age. Since this strain has an early flowering phase, it was referred to as ‘automatic flowering’ by first sellers. Later on, it was changed to auto-flowering and then autos to make it shorter and more favorable to both sellers and consumers. 

What is Autoflowering Variety?

Basically, the auto-flowering genetics are those hybrid strains crossbreed from cannabis ruderalis to any sativa or indica strains. These strains are most readily identified for their height and a flowering time that gives it an advantage as compared to other strains. 

 The auto-flowering weeds are cannabis varieties who switches from vegetative to the flowering stage without being dependent to light. Thus, it will flower according to what it supposed to rather than relying on the ratio of lightness to darkness as most commonly seen on sativa and indica strains. 

Genetically, auto-flowering variety is very flexible. Similarly to its parent ruderalis genetics, the variety has also adapted well to different environmental conditions.  Having found in Siberia where there are short summers and long winters, they tend to thrive easily and not depend on light. This unique trait that they possess made them most identifiable to other varieties including sativa and indica. 

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The Autoflowering Weed Seeds

The auto-flowering weed seeds are just simply seeds that are generated from auto-flowering plants. These seeds are obtained through the natural method of pollinating male pollen to the female flowering plant. However, you could do it manually by using your own hands. 

To produce auto-flowering weed seeds, it’s important to have adequate knowledge of the gene inheritance through Mendell’s First Law of Genetics

Illustrating it through a Punnet square, we’ll examine the gene expression by studying the auto-flowering and non-autoflowering genetics. As a result, there are usually three breeding cycles that are generated during the process. It could be a dominant auto-flowering trait (AA), a recessive autoflowering trait (aa), or the cross between the auto-flowering and non-autoflowering trait (Aa or aA). 

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean always that pollinating a male auto-flowering and female non-auto flowering plant will lead to a secure pure auto-flowering plant. There are chances that it won’t be able to get the right genetics as you’ve wanted it to be. 

Aside from that, you’ll consider on its gender. It’s important that you have concrete knowledge on techniques to ensure that you’ll be bearing a feminized seed or plant. 

The Benefits of Planting Auto-flowering Seeds

There are a lot of advantages upon planting these type of variety. This includes the following;

Quick Flowering Period 

Auto-flowering varieties bud flowers at a faster rate as compared to sativa and indica strains. They flower as fast as one to two months upon planting it. It has a short vegetative period lasting only for several weeks. Moreover, you could readily harvest buds of auto-flowering plants within a short period of time. This process is quite convenient most especially to those who want to not spend more on cannabis cultivation

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Small and Tough Physical Stature

Comparing to sativa or indica species, the auto-flowering varieties are recognized for their small and short appearance. They grow at most less than one meter, a suitable choice for stealth and indoor cultivation. 

Adaptive Environment

Inherited from their ruderalis genetics, this variety tends to adapt well on different kind of environmental conditions. Though not generalizing it, most of the auto-flowering species are flexible and disease resistant as well. 

Do not Exhibit Photoperiodism

Unlike the other two varieties, the auto-flowering plants do not depend on sunlight or light just to flower. They tend to bud or produce flowers with age or the required cycle it should be. Thus, they’ll automatically flower regardless of the amount of light they receive. 

The Drawbacks of Planting Auto-flowering Seeds

In every positive aspect, there’ll always be a negative part of it as well. Let’s examine its drawbacks upon planting this auto-flowering variety. This includes the following;

Low Bud Yields

As it only grows for a short period of time, you don’t expect that it will have a substantial amount of bud yield comparing to other varieties. As small as they are, they tend to bud flowers during its lifetime at quite low to moderate amounts.

Low THC content

Most of the auto-flowering varieties don’t have high THC content. Low to moderate amounts ranging from 14% to 18% are often noted with these varieties. Its rarely you’ll find an auto-flower than have more than 20% THC content. 

If you tend to get an interest on how to grow autoflowering weed seeds, then there are a lot of strain varieties that you’ll be able to find. Most likely, every sativa or indica strain has its own version of auto for purchase. You’ll just have to search for a perfect cannabis store or marijuana seed bank to help you find that perfect one for you

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