What are Autoflowering Dwarf Cannabis Strains?

autoflowering dwarf cannabis

In places where cannabis growing is still unregulated and is not met with welcoming arms, it is still the best option to grow small, compact cannabis plants. One such type of plant is the Dwarf cannabis which has been bred to help those who want to grow their own supply in hiding. By using autoflowering Dwarf cannabis seeds, people can now grow in small spaces like in small grow cabinets, tents, and drawers.

They can also hide plants in plain sight like those grown inside space buckets. Dwarf strains are perfect for all kinds of the growing environments too. Find out more about these small but potent plants from this guide.

Marijuana Came to Be?

The Dwarf strain was first bred by Royal Queen Seeds.  This was called Royal Dwarf. This is an autoflowering variety that was the result of combining the genes of a Skunk #1 with a ruderalis strain. The result is an automatic Dwarf strain that can flower early, grow faster, and be ready for harvest quickly.

Physical Qualities of an Auto Dwarf Cannabis Plant

The Royal Dwarf autoflowering cannabis strain is very special because of its size. It is one of the best strains for growing in small spaces especially in small growing cabinets and tents. This strain is for micro-growers. It has a compact size will allow you to grow two or even three plants inside small space buckets.

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And despite its size, Royal Dwarf will develop small but compact and tight buds that contain 13% THC. You can tell that each bud is so potent because of the dark, crystal coating that seems to be present everywhere. At this amount of THC, you will get a mellow, pleasing high as you use this strain’s numerous medical effects.

Royal Dwarf is also quick to grow in just 8 to 9 weeks flowering time. You will also save money on electricity and resources due to its fast-growing time and when you grow this outdoors.

When grown indoors, Royal Dwarf will grow up to 70 cm tall with a yield of only 200 grams per square meters. But when cultivated outdoors, Royal Dwarf plants can grow up to 90 cm tall and can yield 80 grams of dried cannabis per plant.  

Effects of an Autoflowering Dwarf Cannabis Strain

Dwarf strains come with a variety of effects. Royal Dwarf is an uplifting strain that will help you start your day. This daytime strain will turn your frown upside down and make you relaxed especially during awkward social situations.

The strain helps you improve your ability to communicate and interact with people making you talkative and giggly. If you have had a hard time socializing in events, parties, and in social gatherings, this strain will save your day.

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Royal Dwarf also has a number of medical effects. Because of its low THC, it packs a punch with its CBN levels. Its natural relaxing effects make it a perfect strain for the relief of stress and depression. It will make you feel stress-free without the need to use medications which only has a number of negative effects.

It is a good strain for muscle spasms, headaches and all kinds of pain because of its potent natural analgesic effects. And due to its overpowering relaxing effects, you can use this strain to deal with insomnia and sleeplessness.

How to Grow Autoflowering Dwarf Cannabis Plant

Growing a Dwarf autoflowering cannabis is not too difficult for as long as you live in a climate that is conducive to growing the strain. The Dwarf strain will grow well in temperate climates and will be able to tolerate cold climates because of its ruderalis lineage. And although you can grow this just about anywhere, it is recommended that you cultivate this indoors.

Indoor growing will help you monitor this plant for pests, molds and nutrient deficiencies. Growing indoors will also help you grow cannabis stealthily.

Consider the Best Soil for Growing Dwarf Plants

There are a number of soil mixes for cannabis plants but the best has to be the kind with a sandy-clayey type of soil. This soil will absorb water and nutrients better plus will also drain excess as well. Another good quality of this type of soil is that it is well-aerated which means it will allow oxygen to enter and be absorbed by the roots. This will help Dwarf plants become healthy and high-yielding.

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Consider the Best Nutrients to Boost Plant Health

Dwarf plants will benefit good nutrients but it has to be given according to the plant’s developmental stage. Consider that your plants have a quick lifespan; you need to specifically watch out for any nutrient problems so you can correct these early on.

During the vegetative stage, Dwarf auto plants will need a fertilizer mix with more nitrogen. This mineral will help grow healthier stems, leaves, and roots. Come flowering time, it will not need nitrogen because it will cease growing. It will now need more potassium and phosphorous which are important in bud growth and health.

Consider using commercial mixes that can provide these nutrients exactly. Conduct regular soil pH tests to find out if there are problems with your soil and plant roots. If you spot or suspect nutrient deficiencies, consider watering your plants with clean, pH-neutral water to flush out any marijuana nutrients imbalances.

Control Pests and Mold Growth

Dwarf cannabis strains may have small buds but these are not immune to pests and molds. Be wary of attacks at all cost. Once you spot a soft, white spot or a small bug, chances are more are nearby.

It is hard to remove pests and molds but these can be avoided. Use natural pesticides that are tough on pests but gentle to plants, humans, and pests like neem oil. Always maintain low humidity levels inside a growing area to prevent mold and mildew growth. Water your Dwarf autoflowering plants only when the soil is dry and never when it is wet or moist to prevent mold growth.

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