Usage of Tiresias in Making Feminized Seeds on Your Cannabis Plants

tiresias mist in making feminized seeds

Modern advances in marijuana cultivation technology have led to the development of ways to naturally feminize marijuana plants such as Rodelization and artificial ways by using chemicals where silver thiosulfate and colloidal silver methods are used. Feminization is the method to ensure that marijuana seeds are guaranteed to be female which is the sex of the plant that produces bud which naturally contains more Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than male plants like using Tiresias mist in making feminized seeds.

Feminized plants come from feminized seeds that are produced by inducing gender change in a female plant. This gender change is induced by putting the plants into stress that makes it release ethylene. This ethylene release is then suppressed which triggers the female plant to develop pollen sac which contains pollen that has 100 percent female traits that will result in 100 percent female seeds that will grow into female plants.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

By growing feminized seeds exclusively, you are certain of a good harvest of High THC buds that only female marijuana plants produce. Feminized marijuana seeds also ensure that the batch of plants you have are all female with no rogue male plant that may accidentally pollinate your plants. A male plant amid your crop will pollinate your plants leading to the production of seeds that you may not need instead of the sought after buds that are harvested for recreational and medical marijuana.

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Overall, using feminized seeds simplify the process of planting, cultivating and harvesting your marijuana buds and will save you much of the trouble associated with planting regular marijuana seeds which may turn male, female, or even a hermaphrodite without you knowing except after they have grown well into the age of maturity.

Due to the overwhelming benefits of having feminized plants, many growers buy feminized plants while others opt to produce their feminized marijuana seeds through different methods such as the use of the chemicals silver thiosulfate and colloidal silver or by natural means like the Rodelization method. One of the popular ways of inducing a hormonal change in marijuana plants to produce pollen that shall end up with female seeds is Tiresias Mist. Tiresias Mist is a solution designed to simplify the process of producing feminized seeds.

Advantages of Tiresias Mist in Making Feminized Seeds

All-natural. Tiresias is made of naturally occurring minerals unlike the two chemicals most used in feminizing marijuana plants.

Non-toxic: Compared to silver thiosulfate method or colloidal silver method which is advised not to be sprayed on the buds due to the risk of toxicity, Tiresias is perfectly non-toxic and is a non-irritant to plants, humans, and pets.

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Easy to use: Unlike silver thiosulfate and colloidal silver that requires some knowledge of chemistry and some mixing of chemicals, Tiresias Mist comes ready in a 1 oz or 4 oz spray bottle. Even amateur growers will find Tiresias easy to use. There is no need to mix chemicals or involve yourself in working with the complex method of inducing a chemical reaction to isolate silver ions and the likes of it.

Economical: Producing your seeds is much more economical than buying seeds online. Buying online does not only cause you money but may also make you lose money due to fraudulent sellers or even low-quality seeds.

Producing your seeds gives you the confidence of having the best quality seeds that shall grow into your desired marijuana strain from a parent plant that you have chosen for its unique characteristics.

Have a stock of seeds: Keeping seeds for future use is not only economical but is convenient and efficient as well for the growers. Having seed stocks on hand reassures you of having the ability to cultivate the same marijuana strain that has the desired characteristics over and over again after different batches through the years.

Possible business opportunity: Sale of feminized marijuana seeds is one of the booming businesses related to cannabis nowadays and Tiresias Mist in making feminized seeds is opening a huge window of opportunity for you. Since you can duplicate desirable traits from a parent plant you may have the advantage of the uniqueness of your seeds that is not present in other seeds although they may come from the same strain.

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How to Use Tiresias Mist in Making Feminized Seeds

Similar to the silver thiosulfate and colloidal silver methods, you must first select a subject plant that you will be spraying with Tiresias mist. Choose a plant that has not reached the flowering stage yet or is at least two weeks into the vegetative state. This plant should be about five inches in height depending on the strain.

This plant must be isolated during the rest of the procedure within the application period. Spray the branch where you want the feminized pollen to develop, 3-4 times a day. Continue this for 21 days and stop spraying to allow your plant to grow normally.

Mark the branch that you have been spraying with Tiresias Mist and cut off this branch when it develops pollen sacs just before it bursts open. Put it in a glass of water while remaining in isolation. You may harvest this pollen for immediate use or storage for later use.

Tiresias Mist is currently being called the game-changer in feminizing techniques of marijuana plants. This is indeed most welcome as only female plants produce the buds that naturally contain a high level of THC for recreational or medical use of marijuana.

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