Ultimate Guide To Proper Stoner Etiquette

stoner etiquette

Behavior and etiquette always defines and introduces you whenever you’re at home or in public. Whatever attitude you were showing always reflects on your personality and people always conclude that you are that kind of person. so, you must be on your best self whether you associate with people, have your prim and proper behavior in all the social activities such smoking weeds or using cannabis, in doing such thing you must follow some rules and have awareness on the stoner etiquette because not all of the country is open and or legalize the marijuana, or have the pillar of their respect and acceptance. Stoner etiquette does exist and is very real and having such a manner is not just a remnant of the prior generation and high society. Most consumers follow and abide by the law and respect the established norms, without having a written or verbal contract. 

Why is Proper Etiquette Important When Using Marijuana?

Stoner etiquette does really impact and reflect how we live our lives. A total pattern coming from strangers to acquaintances and then to friends and becoming a lover, having them a partnership in a business or engaging with them in your important life. Among respect and considerations, you can easily identify which between them is the most important because once you did the second everything will follow and those two were conjoint. But whatever happens, you might have a little to share or nothing at all. What’s important is the respect you give to each of the individuals you interact with.

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Marijuana is the best way to gain friends, find someone you can get along with, and strengthen the relationship in the community. But just like something which is done in public and in an open space there might be advantages and disadvantages. And for those consuming marijuana, prior users find etiquettes as a normal and natural norm. But for the new users might find a lot of loopholes and it is very confusing for them. 

Rules of Stoner Etiquette

1. Carry your own share 

Marijuana is somehow pricy, most importantly to those kinds that are high classed and have the best quality smoke. The reason why you have to bring your own share of marijuana when having an activity or meet up with a group. Make sure to have an extra pot to offer to anyone which is somehow a polite way in a circle of the session, especially when you’re the one who suggests the idea of a session. 

2. Do not force or insist on someone who doesn’t what to smoke

Although weeds are great for others, not all might have the like or fondness of weeds, so we have to respect their decision. If someone seems not interested in smoking weed, then let them have their own mind, do not force them to or insist on trying it. Do not be a pusher, respect their decision.

3. Ask a friend and be honest if you cannot properly do your roll

It takes a lot of work and practice in improving on rolling a good joint and is difficult to do. Your weed might get loose, useless, and not able to smoke if you have a not good quality of roll or roll it poorly during your smoke session. You can ask a friend if you are not that expert on rolling your joint, someone might help you out with that. 

4. Make sure to take off the seeds and stems

Make sure to remove the stems and seeds unless you want to plant or grow your own marijuana. Your bowl will get messy and chaotic and a possibility for your weed to get burned and have an awful taste. The reason why you have to move it away from your circle. 

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5. Whoever in charge of rolling will be the one to spark

Whoever rolls the joint or blunt will be in charge of sparking it whether it is his own joint or yours. He will be responsible to do the spark if he is the one who takes charge of rolling it. The exception is in #7

6. Have your guest try the first hit

This is somehow a common courtesy, but it does exist and apply in all smoke sitting.  Especially when you’re the host of the session you must be aware to make your guest try the green hit or the first one. The same matter applies when you are loading the bowl, even if you’re the owner of the place or not.

7. Do not light up the bowl

Do not be selfish in keeping the best hit which is the green one, make sure that everyone can do all the lighting. You have to light only a small portion of the surface. 

8. Do not ever drool on a piece

Have a stoner etiquette and manners and not put your saliva on the bowl. Have some manners and keep your spit on your own. In the case of loopholes, do manage to at least wipe it before passing it to others. 

9. Confess if you are not feeling well

Marijuana is very beneficial in almost all of the symptoms of disorders or diseases but having a cold is not the exception, admit that you are having such or the best is to bring your own cup to prohibit the contamination and transfer of viruses. 

10. Puff twice and pass

In puffing a joint or blunt there is a rule to follow, you are not allowed to puff all of it as your heart content or puff only once, the correct is to sip it twice then forward it to the next person.

11. Make sure to pass the pot on to the left side of the hand

In passing the dutchie there must be a correct rotation and direction to follow just to make the session in accordance and establish the correct and complete rounds. 

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12. Monopolizing the weed is prohibited

Make sure to pass the weed after two puffs. There were times that you carried along with your story and forgot to pass something on to someone, so be mindful if you’re holding or in charge of the pot to pass it to the next person so that everyone can have a hit.

13. Clean the chamber

Rotten smoke leaving the room is awful. Smell old and taste very bad that may cause you to cough rapidly. The reason why you have to clean the pipe before passing it and make it look presentable. It is not possible to clean the pot you must blow at least to clean a little throughout the carburetor but not on the mouthpiece. 

14. Avoid blowing the smoke to another person

Blowing the smoke on someone’s face is impolite,  it is very rude that could lead to a misunderstanding and not a good relationship with your circle of friends. 

15. Do not pass a blow that is cashed

Be honest and tell the next person if something happens like this, you have to consult that it is the last hit. Give a warning to the next person on the next circle for them to avoid them having ash on their mouth. If you’re aware that it is cashed, remove ashes and give it back to the owner. 

16. Do not be a kid, and become clumsy

Even if it is you who owned it or your friend, make sure to take good care of it, especially if it is breakable like glass or something. Be mindful of the things you are holding and have extra care for some things because it might be something valuable to others.

17. Have some manners

Be polite to answer every offer they give you. Be gracious and appreciate every little thing you have with your friends. Cannabis session is one way to gain friends and know them better as well as go along with the same hobby. 

18. Make sure to let everyone comfortable and welcome

Having a cannabis session can soothe your feelings and somehow have peace of mind, but it is uncomfortable if you and the others cannot go along together. 

The manners and politeness reflect towards you, on the way you speak or react to things. Make sure to practice and do the correct etiquette when having an acquainted or smoke session. And for the new users, they might have their own kind of norms or rules. Be sensitive with your surroundings, be friendlier, and let everyone become comfortable and welcome them wholeheartedly. Make sure not to offend someone and bring your judgment, let them show their likes, and let them talk, just listen and be mindful with your words.

Final Thoughts

You have to take note that everyone has their own response towards marijuana, remind them that you’re all in the same circle of friends. But as times pass by, you will notice a lot of culture shift towards cannabis. Other countries might legalize marijuana but others prohibit it. But having it legal and free to have sessions is a good chance. But the must courtesy, stoner etiquette must follow. The best suggestion is where you are comfortable with. Even recognizing that sometimes makes someone feel less put out. The number one tip is communication.

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