Turning Your Tiny Autoflower Cannabis into a Bud-Breathing Hydra: Tips and Tricks

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Your autoflower tips and auto-flowering cannabis seeds are not like any other marijuana seed. It is a seed that may look like all the other seeds but these are seeds that are packed with potential for quick harvest and high yield. Those are what exactly every grower wishes for.

Autoflower marijuana plants may be small as they come from the ruderalis family of cannabis. But these small but terrible plants are naturally fast growers and you could harvest them in as fast as 8 weeks depending on the variety.

Here is your dose of autoflower tips and tricks to make your tiny autoflower marijuana plant the bud-breathing hydra that will boost your marijuana growing business.

Autoflower Tips and Tricks

High -quality Seeds

Everything has a beginning and an end and hopefully for you, if you begin with high-quality seeds, your end will be the harvests that your rival marijuana grower could only dream off. What is meant by buying high-quality seeds is buying the seed of a variety that is known for many desirable traits such as having higher THC or CBD content for recreational and medical marijuana users?

High-quality seeds also mean that they should be young and not old as there are problems associated with old seeds such as difficulty in germinating or they may not even germinate at all. To save yourself the trouble, only buy from reputable sellers whether online or in a shop to make that first step in your successful crop.

Proper Soil

Auto-flowering marijuana plants love light and airy soil which is of the sandy variety and you have to make sure that you got this is correct the first time. Planting your auto-flowering plant on clay soil will only stunt its growth or kill it due to the sensitive roots of the auto-flowering plants. It will also be difficult for your plant to be transplanted to another soil once they have grown their roots on the wrong soil.

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Correct Pot

One of the common myths about auto-flowering marijuana plants is that it is impossible to transplant as it would die. While this is not always true and is, therefore, a myth, it is never unfounded, the roots of autoflowering cannabis plants are indeed very sensitive and any attempt to transplant it will most likely kill it.

Therefore, it is recommended that you should plant your auto-flowering seeds directly onto the pot where you plan to leave them in their lifetimes. This also warrants that you should get the correct pot for your auto-flower plants from the beginning because you may not be able to uproot them and transfer them to another pot. A good pot for auto-flower plants is one that is deep and has many holes for aeration and drainage. You should get a pot size depending on the mature size of your crop:

Proper Nutrients

Autoflower tips, the light airy soil that your auto-flowering plant prefers does not retain water and nutrients much. That is why you must be vigilant in making sure that you put fertilizers on your crop regularly. But you have to be sure that you do this sparingly and not too much because auto-flowering plants are used to the small number of nutrients in their natural environments. Too many nutrients will not do your auto-flower plants any good too. Make sure you add fertilizers, additives or amendments for your plants to grow to their fullest potential without overdoing it.

Dry amendments are just additives or fertilizers that you could add to the soil. They come in solid form as powder or granules instead of liquid that is being sprayed on the plants. These are specifically designed to help your plant grow better during their vegetative and flowering stages. Marijuana plant goes through different stages of growth from being a germinating seed to a seedling, onto the vegetative and flowering stage. The flowering stage is when the plants produce buds that are being harvested for the THC and CBD content.

There are different types of dry amendments such as dolomite lime, potassium sulfate, bone meal, blood meal and worm castings which all have different uses. Just like every bit of nutrient needed by any plant, too much of each may cause problems.

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Enough Water

Auto-flowering plants are naturally adapted to the soil that doesn’t hold a lot of water so putting much water on the soil even if you are confident that it drains well may not be of any benefit to your plant as you may be drowning it instead. Thus, simply give it enough and never to an extreme.

Proper Light

Auto-flowering marijuana plants thrive in an 18-hour light cycle so care must be given that it is maintained. Also, make sure that you have good light distribution around your plants. If you light it for less than that, expect stunted growth for your plants.

Outdoor growers seem to take more advantage of the sun due to its intensity. Despite having only 12 hours of lights in some areas, the intensity of the sun is enough to feed the auto-flower plants with light to make them grow to their fullest potential.

The light that is too intense or near your crop will just burn it. This also affects your seeds while they are in germination as seeds must be kept in total darkness and should be given light only after they started germinating.

Auto-flower plants thrive in specific light spectrums. During their vegetative state, your plants must receive cooler light and in the flowering period, they must receive warmer lights. This is because auto-flower seeds germinate during spring and flower during summer and you could mimic this natural phenomenon in your indoor lights using LED lights with different color temperatures. Some CFL lights may also have this option to choose different colored lights.

Proper Temperature

Auto-flowering plants and seeds thrive in ideal temperature conditions to bring the best out of your autoflowering marijuana plants should be 27 degrees Celcius. An excessive drop from this will have big effects on your plant’s growth.

Proper Soil PH Levels

You must constantly test your soil’s pH levels so that it remains neutral which is not acidic or alkaline. Different factors affect the pH levels of your soil such as your water or even the fertilizer your add-in. If you find any changes in your soil’s pH levels, try to have diagnostics first and rectify the problem once you’ve identified the culprit.

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Plant Training

Two of the most common methods of training marijuana plants is by Topping and FIMing.
Topping is also a technique that means cutting the main stem for the plant to grow from more than one cola or big stem rather than one. Topping marijuana plants is as simple as cutting the top of the main stem using sterile scissors. This stress caused by the cutting will redistribute growth hormones to the new offshoots.

Topping is the process of cutting the main growing autoflower tips of the main stem of the marijuana plant which usually is the top, hence, it is called topping. Topping or cutting off the top of the main stem during its vegetative growth phase will induce your plant to develop more than one main stems naturally.

Having more than one main stem will give the plant a low profile stance and allow more even light distribution in the different parts of your plants from top to bottom. This is especially advantageous for indoor growers where light is static and very limited, unlike those outdoor growers where the sun may move across the sky providing light to different parts of the plants during the day.

FIMing is another method like topping but it only requires a slight cut on the top of the plant without cutting it entirely just like in topping. Marijuana plants normally grow like a Christmas tree but topping and FIMing will make it bushier with leaves more scattered and ready to absorb more light. It is important to note that training could only be done on healthy plants as sick plants may die due to the stress of the training procedure.

With the proper information, autoflower tips and  correct execution, you could turn your tiny auto-flowering plant into a bud breathing Hydra.

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