Top Reasons Why You Should Grow Tangerine Dream Strain

tangerine dream strain

Tangerine Dream strain is a potent cannabis strain that is known for its outstanding contributions when it comes to the medical field. Its Sativa properties came from its descendants, G13, Neville’s Haze, and Afghan making it an overall champion in the cannabis world cup. Its hardy-type genetics contributed a lot to its characteristics. 

In this article, we’ll know more about this strain and how it can influence our well-being with its numerous physical and mental effects. 

Characteristics of Tangerine Dream Strain

This strain grows stout and bushy but gives an impressive number of yield. It has heavy colas that exhibit crystal trichomes that are covered into red and orange pistils. Many connoisseurs consider cultivating and using this strain for consumption because of its remarkable taste and smell. 

As the name implies, it has citrusy goodness with mouthwatering flavors of mixed fruits and berries when properly dried and cured. Its smoke smells like herbal and chemical-like diesel but when exhaled it has a distinct flavor of orange zest that gives you a smooth puff in the lungs.


This strain is best suited to be grown indoors but for outdoor growing, the warm and humid condition with consistent sunlight exposure is required. You just need to ensure that a temperature between 65-80 °F is maintained in its growing environment. In short, the span of it’s growing cycle within 8-10 weeks you’ll get matured and potent strain.

Effects and Potency

This strain is known to be hand-crafted for patients because of its potency that can be generally used in both recreational and medical cannabis. It creates both physical and mental buzz that is completely to bring feeling well-being.

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In just a few hits you’ll feel its long-lasting high making it a go-to strain. Its cerebral high effects induce calmness, serenity, and relaxation for an effective help for anxiety, depression and for those who are bothered by different mood disorders. 

Consumers under the influence of this strain at a moderate level will experience its potent effect while allowing them to function more efficiently and productively. 

This strain would not be recognized in the medical field if it does not properties to combat different illnesses. This strain contains anti-inflammatory properties to treat chronic pain in arthritis and other body aches. 

Noted adverse reactions related to the intake of this strain include dry eyes, dry mouth, and dizziness during a few hours before the high melts down. A high dosage consumption may lead to heightened anxiety, paranoia, and couch-lock that is why even if this strain is a manageable type of toke responsible usage is still required.

Benefits Of Growing Tangerine Dream Strain

  • This strain is easy to grow because of its resilience and its ability to withstand pest and mold infestations.
  • This strain is a versatile cannabis plant that can be grown whether indoors or outdoors and with different growing mediums such as hydroponic set-up, in soil or the air. 
  • This strain produces high yields. When grown indoors, you will get 18 ounces per square meter of yield while outdoor growing can give 16 ounces of yields per square meter. 
  • This strain has a short 70-day flowering period that is beneficial for cannabis cultivators because it is an indication that they can reproduce this strain all-year-round.
  • This strain is versatile making it a perfect strain if you want to be alone or if you want to enjoy its effects with your friends over socialization. 
  • This strain can be enjoyed with day-to-day activities such as eating, exercising, doing household chores, yoga, and other social events.
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Tips In Growing And Maintaining 

  • During the vegetative stage feed it with macronutrients found in fertilizers to boost its immune system. 
  • During the vegetative stage, make sure that the light intensity is enough. The more exposure to light, the more the strain matures. 
  • During the flowering stage, this strain better responds to the light-fertilizer level so make sure not to overfeed it. Just make sure that the soil is always moist.
  • During the final weeks of the flowering stage, shorten the light schedule into 8 hours for the strain to produce its natural oil for production. 
  • Since this strain is a bushy plant, heavy pruning is required for proper air circulation but because of its Haze genetics properties, it may be hard to conduct pruning because of its sturdiness so make sure to use designated pruning materials to avoid unnecessary cuts.
  • This strain is sturdy enough to handle the stress that is why different low-stress training method is required to promote growth towards higher yields.

Steps in Growing this Strain

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

  • Before deciding to plant this strain, make sure to equip with important knowledge on how to effectively grow this strain so that you would know what to expect. Prepare the materials such as your healthy-looking seeds, pot, soil, fertilizer, and your growing set-up. 

Step 2: Germination

  • The first step is for seed germination. At this stage, it is important to use seeds that look healthy and mature. Soak the seeds and the paper towel in power. Place the seeds on a plate or a tray at least 1 inch apart. Cover the seeds using the soaked towel and place it in a dark, cool place for about 24 hours with a room temperature of 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit. 
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In the germination period, moisture is important to check your seeds from time to time. Never let your seed strains dry out. If your cannabis strain has sprouted, it means that it is now ready for planting.

Step 3: Potting

  • If your cannabis strain has sprouted, it means that it is now ready for planting. If you prefer to use soil as your growing medium, fill your pot with soil and fertilizer and make a small hole about 1 inch where you can gently place the sprouted seed.

Step 4: Growing Setup

  • This strain tends to yield higher when grown indoors. Make sure to use the proper lighting and ventilation system so that the different factors that affect the growth of the strain can be controlled easier. During summer, position your plant near a window where it can get natural air and sunlight exposure to conserve energy.

Step 5: Vegetative Stage

  • When you see that your cannabis plant starts to show offset of leaves it means that it is now entering the vegetative stage. The light hours is important in this stage because it influences the final size of the cannabis plant. This strain requires at least 18 light hours to maximize its growth.

Step 6: Flowering Stage

  • The main focus of this stage is the growth of the buds and the flowers. Lessen the lighting period into 12 lighting hours. A sign that the strain is ready for harvest if the trichomes give off a dewy and sticky look and that it has a strong scent of citrus and hints of tropical fruits. 

Step 7: Drying and Curing

  • This strain is popular for its medicinal properties, for you to be able to maximize its potency proper drying and curing is necessary. This strain needs at least 6 weeks for its psychoactive properties to breakdown into cannabinoids for medical use. Proper drying and curing also allow you to preserve its freshness for future use.

Tangerine Dream cannabis is an ideal strain that has both Sativa and Indica properties that offers numerous characteristics. Genetically and aesthetically, this strain has impress consumers with its exceptional abilities to satisfy each and everyone’s needs and satisfaction.

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