Top Reasons Why You Should Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

female autoflowering cannabis seeds

Experienced cultivators know that cannabis needs to have certain conditions met to flourish. It will not always be rainbows and sunshine especially if you are just beginning to grow your marijuana. Cultivators can use different varieties of marijuana seeds for their gardening needs but an expert cultivator will tell you to use female autoflowering cannabis seeds.

These types of seeds are considered heaven-sent in the marijuana industry as they have helped a lot of cultivators in producing a higher yield. A happy cultivator will always tell you that once yield production is more than enough, the possibilities to earn are also endless.

What are Autoflowering Cannabis Plants?

These are the end product of careful and thorough research in marijuana breeding. Ruderalis which is a marijuana strain found in colder regions such as Russia and China is crossed with regular indica and sativa strains

The result of this is a miracle marijuana strain that has less light dependence for it to survive regions that do not get enough sunshine. By harboring the autoflowering property of ruderalis and crossbreeding them to different strains, experienced cultivators were able to produce seeds that we’re able to maintain all the potency needed for an autoflowering plant. 

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Top reasons to grow Female Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

If the information above sounds exciting for you, then the next step you will have to take it to look for autoflowering seeds, if you’re lucky you might even find female autoflowering cannabis seeds to grow on your marijuana garden. By using this, the possible fertilization and germination rate might be higher. Here are the top reasons cultivators use autoflowering cannabis plants. 

  • Harvest Time does not have a limit

Since autoflowering cannabis plants are not completely light-dependent, they can produce flowers at any time of the year, making it easier for fertilization to happen. Growers using this are known to have multiple harvests in a year which makes them a known marijuana producer in the industry.

  • You get the results fast

In comparison to some marijuana strains that might take months and months before you harvest, an autoflowering plant will give you produce by 10 weeks. But let us tell you that because this type of cannabis plant produces yield very quickly, the level of yield for the next harvest time might be a little different.

Although the level of yield may vary, a good thing to take note of is that autoflowering plants will flower much quicker which will allow you for frequent harvest time and constant flow of marijuana buds.

  • Autoflowering Cannabis Plants are discreet

These plants never grow beyond 1-1.2m in height. It allows complete privacy for growers especially those grown indoors. We really can’t fight stigma to 100%, but by using autoflowering marijuana plants, it gives the cultivator to pursue his passion without the judgment of others.

  • Resiliency

Ruderalis strain has originated from the colder regions of the world that’s why they have become resilient in harsh temperatures. The ruderalis lineage is also known to fight off pests, infections and certain diseases that they might get from the cold temperature. This makes the perfect strain for novice cultivators to grow. For some growers, they prefer to plant it outdoors especially if it’s not snowing outside.

  • Great for both indoors and outdoors

As proof of their resiliency, they can be planted in your backyard. And being less light-dependent, they can be put indoors.

  • Less expensive to maintain

Autoflowering cannabis plants are known to need fewer nutrient levels than most marijuana strains. By using this in your garden, you know that you don’t need to buy a certain type of expensive soil or even fertilizers that will help in their growth production.

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Also, growers are saying that they don’t need to mix nutrients and knowing the percentage level of some nutrients, these can be too technical and mathematical for some that are the reasons why cultivators will always have the option to go to autoflowering plants.

  • Using female autoflowering cannabis seeds

By using this type of seed, cultivators expect to gain a higher yield production and more chances to harvest. Using female seeds will only mean that marijuana buds will sprout and more chances of getting fertilized. The cycle will go on and on but I know you get the picture.

  • Autoflowers are on stealth mode

Given the fact that they are smaller and can be described as discreet since it will not gain any unwanted attention from others. But when we say that these plants are on stealth mode, it means you can easily hide it away. 

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It is known that some states and countries still do not allow marijuana consumption, let alone marijuana cultivation. Those who are living in these areas will always resort to buying autoflower plants are they easier to stash away if you have surprise visitors. 

Due to the size being smaller compared to other marijuana plants, this can easily blend in with other plants in your garden. No more long explanation about your lovely plants.

  • Higher profit

There is nothing more rewarding to a cultivator than hearing the cash register with a lot of money. It’s always best to say that the reason why cultivators plant their marijuana plants is for an investment, the monetary return of marijuana production is no joke. Even for marijuana seed banks, they earn more especially if they offer seeds that are not always commercially available.

Using autoflowering cannabis plants will make certain that the profits will keep coming in. That’s why more people are doing their research about this and cultivators are benefitting from this research.

When your marijuana plant is grown from an environment that does not allow it to thrive, expect to see good results from it. By using autoflowering plants, you are not just doubling the chances of bud production, profit exchange and harvest time, you are also minimizing expenses, and introducing best practices for your marijuana garden. You can now go ahead and use autoflowering cannabis plants for your marijuana production.

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