Top 5 Shortest Marijuana Autoflowering Srains

shortest autoflower strain

Marijuana cultivators will always go for stealth cultivation for shortest autoflower strain that does not allow unwanted attention from nosy neighbors. Planting marijuana outdoors, in your own backyard may not be the perfect landscape for your neighborhood and they will surely complain about it. The best thing that you can do is to use shortest autoflower strain.

By using an shortest autoflower strain gives you complete freedom and privacy in planting your own marijuana in the comforts of your home. You can anticipate that your growing marijuana garden will be as discreet as planting any vegetable in your garden. I know you are excited about finding out what marijuana strains will work best in your garden so here they are starting with number 5.

Green Crack

This is a sativa-dominant and indica-dominant hybrid, researches pointed out that this came from Skunk #1 an unknown marijuana strain. This autoflowering dwarf cannabis strain is the perfect 50/50 hybrid mix; the rush of sativa and the relaxation of indica that helps fight of nervousness and paranoia.

Green Crack can reach up to 35 inches or 88 centimeters in height making it the perfect candidate for stealth cultivation. Although it is relatively small, expect that it will give you a high number of yield and will not disappoint during harvest time. It will fit a small closet or stealth grow box that can be placed both outdoors and indoors.

Green Crack is also known for its compact bus structure with a spicy-sweet flavor that enhances cerebral effects. It’s also a go-to pot strain for people experiencing depression and fatigue without having to experience a mental crash. This can be purchased from local growers and different dispensaries.


Grapefruit came from 2 sativa-dominant strains; BC Grapefruit and Nectar Grapefruit. Both BC and Nectar Grapefruits give off a powerful uplifting feeling often described as exhilarating. Although it is expected that because of their sativa lineages, they provide the same effects but these 2 strains give different effects to the consumers. Nectar’s Grapefruit is more inclined to give an internal effect that might start deep thoughts. BC Grapefruit, on the other hand, has been known to consumers as making them more social and talkative.

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The grapefruit strain can grow up to 35 inches or up to 90 centimeters. It has an easy-to-hide frame that you can use if you have unexpected visitors in the house. Also, if you have a small space in your backyard or even inside your home to grow your marijuana plant on, Grapefruit will the best fit for you.

This can be used for daytime medication, for relieving stress and anxiety. The mind effects of Grapefruit are known to fight off depression and some forms of insomnia. It has been recorded that patients mentioned that Grapefruit make their minor aches and body pains more manageable. But for severe and chronic pains, it is recommended not to use Grapefruit as a more indica-heavy strain should be used.

CBD Crack

CBD Crack is a result of its parent strains; Green Crack and CBD Autoflowering. Its genetic lineage came from both indica and sativa autoflowering. The Cannabidiol (CBD) level reaches 5%-7%. While the CBD and THC level is at 1:1, that gives off a soothing and clear high that can be both euphoric and calming at the same time.

Expect a harvest within 10-11 weeks and the CBD crack will grow well indoors or outdoors. The plant will only reach a maximum of 100cm making it easier to cultivate and grow discreetly.

The taste and aroma of CBD Crack are compared to cinnamon, mango, and citrus. This gives CBD Crack the notion that it’s good for daytime smoking and will allow your mind to be focused and engaged.

Consumers have reported to a feeling of clear-headedness, focused, mellow and uplifting. This can be used during social gatherings with family and friends. And since it helps your mind to be more focused, it can be used when reviewing or preparing for an academic event.


The Fastberry strain came from the old school American Blueberry and the famous Canadian Ruderalis strain. This is a combination of both autoflowering and feminized plant that has robust, with heavy compact flowers that are predominantly indica.

Fastberry is known for having a short flowering period that can adapt in any weather conditions. It’s also reported that you can have 2-3 harvests per season. The plant can reach 70cm – 120cm and the flowering stage will begin 25 days after the germination. Given the fact that Fastberry will remain tiny and will not be an attention-grabbing plant, add to that is the fact that it will evolve through blue, purple and red hues and the aroma will be fruity. Making it easier to blend in especially if you have berries planted on the backyard.

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It’s known to help people suffering from glaucoma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, back pain, PMS, rheumatism, herpes and a whole lot more. Recreational users have also stated that because of the berry-like aroma, it’s easier to be consumed without having to smell like a solid cannabis smoke.

Rhino Ryder

This marijuana strain is a feminized autoflowering version of Medicine Man otherwise known as White Rhino. Rhino Ryder is best known to treat certain ailments making it the perfect strain for those looking for medical marijuana. It has a healthy balance of both indica and sativa genetics.

The plant will only reach a maximum height of 100cm. You will see that even though the plant is short and small, it can develop large leaves and powerful, thick stems. Harvest time will be at 10 weeks and will give off 350g per plant.

Rhino Ryder is best used to alleviate the pains of muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, and cramps. If smoked during bedtime, it can give you a calming that helps eliminate stress and anxiety with force due to the pungent smell. Consumers reported to having a physical buzz with a pear aftertaste after smoking.

Advantages of Using Autoflowering Dwarf Cannabis

After going through the list of the shortest marijuana autoflowering strain, it’s best to know why is it beneficial to use them and not just go with the regular seeds.

Quicker Harvest time

Most shortest autoflower strain will grow their flowers on the third week and once that happens, you can expect the harvest time within a few weeks after. Marijuana cultivators do not have to wait for several months to gain the fruits of their labor.

Unique Strains

Unlike regular seeds, these shortest autoflower strain have been experimented on and might have been paired with other strains. This allows the new strain to give off a unique taste and aroma. We all know that the marijuana industry is changing and is continuously adapting to different technologies and this is one of them. Who would have thought that when you smoke weed, it will give you hints of berries, chocolates, and even cheese?

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The unique strains have also opened the doors for a new market. More people are looking into buying shortest autoflower strain that can’t be easily found and certain people will always have a preference when it comes to taste and smell.

Stealth Cultivation

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are relatively short and small. That is why a lot of growers will always opt to use the autoflower dwarf plants. Although it has been allowed in some states to grow your own marijuana, we can’t let go of the reality that not everyone will be open to the idea of having marijuana in the backyard.

Cultivators no longer dread the thought of having surprise visitors in the house and seeing a full-grown marijuana plant. With the help of autoflowering plants, it will still be business as usual or continuing with passion for marijuana cultivators.

Endless profit

A very good advantage of autoflowering plants is knowing that it will automatically enter the flowering stage and will eventually enter harvest time on its own or with minimal supervision. Marijuana growers will have an endless supply of seeds that they can sell to different people. This will become an avenue for a stable income for the grower. A steady income that requires minimal effort and spending, now that is what we call a good investment.

Low maintenance

The very reason why autoflowering plants work best for both new and old cultivators is that it can be used by anyone. You wouldn’t feel like you have a child to take care of by checking the plant after certain hours and see if it’s getting enough sunlight.

Autoflowering plants are known to survive even the harshest weather condition so you can expect that it will be a small but strong plant during extreme winter. You will be guaranteed a harvest even if it has scorching heat outside. Also, factors such as water level, humidity, temperature, light-darkness ratio, nutrients, mold, and illnesses don’t need to have a keen eye on since the plant can easily take care of itself.

It may seem that the autoflowering plant is too good to be true, but in the case of marijuana cultivation, it actually is.

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