Top 5 Seed Banks that Offers the Best Autoflowering Seeds Worldwide

autoflowering seed banks

Seed Banks are growers and business partners who help them grow their crops. In some areas, seed banks are not only selling, but they also give valuable information on how to grow your crops. Seed banks are not the same. Here are the top 5 seed banks and if you are into planting autoflowering marijuana these are the top autoflowering seed banks.

Top 5 Autoflowering Seed Banks

1. SunWest Genetics

From our garden to yours. SunWest genetics, a US West Coast-based seed company dedicated to selling marijuana seeds. Sunwest genetics is already more than 10 years in the business and has a 9 am to 8 pm pacific time customer support through phone.

They offer free shipping for orders above $200 and even have worldwide delivery wherever it is legally possible.

They also have an email service where subscribers get generous information regularly that shall improve their crops. Visit them at or visit their social media pages.

2. CropKing Seeds

That logo with a bearded guy wearing a purple and gold crown could only mean quality. As one of the earliest cannabis stores in Canada, Cropking had tough times in the early 2000s when Canadian cannabis laws became uncertain for seed companies but they were still operating in the US in some states like Colorado and Washington where cannabis laws are good for business.

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In 2013, Cropking returned to Canada and they do shipping from its main office in Vancouver to any part of the planet. They also have more than 100 partner stores or dispensaries. You may visit them at or visit their social media pages.

3. Marijuana Seeds in Canada

With international live support, data security and fast worldwide shipping wherever it is legally possible; what more could you look for in cannabis seed banks? MJ Seeds Canada started in 2009 and is now a world-renowned seed bank that only offers the best and most popular strains of cannabis that people want. Because MJ Seeds are only focusing on the most popular strains, they could ship you these quickly and at cheaper prices compared to other seed banks. They also run promos such as free seeds giveaway for every $100 or more order for you to try other crops.

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Data security is one of the facets of the services that MJ Seeds have because they do not keep any of your details when you order that keeps you secure from any data breach and identity theft that is common today. Your privacy is also their primary concern as they only ship via discrete parcels that not even the mailman or delivery guy will know that he is handing you your joint for your relaxation or medication.

If you wanted to know more about MJ Seeds Canada, just read the reviews of their repeat customers. You may visit them at or check out their social media pages.

4. Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds are another Pacific Coast cannabis seed company, and they offer free shipping worldwide for orders costing more than $300. Sonoma seeds stand by the quality of their seeds with their 80 percent seed germination guarantee if germination instructions have been followed properly.

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Sonoma seeds are encouraging their buyers to grow organically and contact them for every successful crop they have from the seeds that they bought from Sonoma Seeds. You may contact them through phone Monday-Sunday 9 am-8 pm Pacific time. You may visit them at and their social media sites.

Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds, a company that offers services that are at par with the best in the cannabis market today, but they focus on your plant nutrition more. Their website confidently declares, “Rocket Seeds boast a unique combination of nutrients formulated to increase root growth, nitrogen levels, nutrient uptake, and boost nodulation to maximize crop performance. Through extensive research and development, we are dedicated to designing products that deliver better, earlier availability of nutrients to every plant, at every crop stage, across every acre.”

Rocket seeds could be the partner you’re looking for in making sure that you have a successful crop this year as having the best seeds would now matter if you do not take care of them after germination until their flowering stage by properly feeding them with nutrition. You may visit them at and their other social media sites.

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