Top 5 CBD Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Unknown to Growers

cbd autoflowering cannabis seeds

Cannabis Cultivation can use either pure strains or hybrid varieties. These varieties are done to make sure a specific plant will cater to a particular market. Growers have been using Cannabidiol otherwise known as, CBD autoflowering cannabis seeds so that the plant will have more flowers and more bud to develop to increase yield production.

Those consumers who use marijuana for medical and recreational purposes are the ones caters by the marijuana industry, that’s why numerous users of cannabis are increasing daily. Cultivators are doing researches and experiments to make sure that these needs are sustained.

With the help of growing varieties, growers are helping the marijuana industry to lay their cement for future generations. It’s no secret that cannabis can help people with certain illnesses, that’s why it has been regulated in some states and countries. If you are a grower looking for autoflowering seeds that are not yet known by the world, please continue to read on.

Autoflowering Seeds

Unlike the feminized seeds, the auto-flowering seeds are produced by the cannabis plant through its normal germination. They are known to be low maintenance plants that give off high yield rates with good quality. Even without having to change the light cycle or removing male plants from the grow area this plant will automatically enter the flowering stage. 

CBD autoflowering cannabis seeds are used by novice growers who are not yet familiar with the light cycle needed by the marijuana plants. Since it’s not complicated to grow autoflowering seeds, this can be used by any type of grower and in different environments.

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Advantages of using CBD Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

  • They will become small plants that require low maintenance and making it a perfect choice for cultivators to use this plant even in an unusual growing environment. It’s the perfect marijuana plant if you’re working from a small space that doesn’t get much light.
  • Because of the high yielding feature of this plant, expect to get a harvest even during the harshest weather. Autoflowering cannabis plants are known to survive even the coldest temperature, they don’t wilt out.  Your harvest frequency might even double up throughout the year. 
  • These are resilient seeds who have been known to fight off molds, pests, and frost all by itself! This makes the bud production of the plant highly reliable.
  • This is best suited for patients who use medical marijuana. Expect to have effects less on the psychedelic values brought about by THC, but the results are concentrated and milder medicinal values.

Top 5 Autoflowering Cannabis seeds Unknown to Growers

We’ll give you 5 different autoflowering cannabis seeds that you might not have heard of because they might be new or have never been used in your area.

  • Wedding Gelato

This is the type of cannabis seeds that you would want to marry because of the relaxed and euphoric effects it might give you. This plant will reach 60-100 cm when grown indoors, 130-200 cm in outdoors, flowering time will take 8-9 weeks, the best time to harvest is during October, the THC level is at 25% and CBD is low.

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Customers who have tried Wedding Gelato said that there is something magical about its thick and creamy flavor that gives a euphoric feeling, making it good to use even daily. Expect that the results don’t wane off immediately and you might be breezing through it well into the evening.

  • Sweet Skunk Automatic

This can be grown almost anywhere and is a crossbreed between Green Poison Clone and Big Devil #2. It can grow 40-80 cm when planted indoors and 60-100 cm for outdoors. The flowering stage will be at 6-7 weeks and expect to have a harvest by 8-9 weeks after sprouting. The THC level is at 15% and CBD is low.

Sweet Skunk Automatic gives out a strong taste and aroma. Customers mentioned experiencing a taste of slightly fruity, slightly spicy and slightly skunky which can be of tea-like essence; pungent and complex. The results should be focused on cerebral and uplifting.

  • Blue Cheese Automatic

This is quite an appetizing and interesting mix of Blueberry Automatic and Cheese Automatic. It will reach 40-70 cm when placed indoors and 60-110 cm if planted outdoors. Flowering time will take 7-8 weeks and harvest time will be 9-10 weeks after sprouting. The THC level is at 16% and the CBD level is also low.

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Expect that the buds are highly aromatic and can be smelled even in the next room. You will experience a strong, sweet, fruity smell with an aftertaste of mild creamy cheese. Those who have tried Blue Cheese Automatic have reported a feeling of relaxed, uplifting high with an overwhelming calm. This is also used by artists who need a little push in their creativity side and cognition. Best to use for relaxing after a long tiring day or in a social setting with friends.

  • Easy Bud

There’s no better term to use on this autoflowering cannabis seed as this might be the easiest to cultivate. This is a mix of White Indica and Ruderalis that can grow 50-60 cm when grown indoors and 60-110 cm if grown outdoors. Flowering time will be at 5-7 weeks and harvest will be 8-9 weeks after sprouting. The THC level is at 12% and the CBD level is low.

Users of easy bud mentioned that sweeter flavors of lemon or the citrusy taste will start the relaxing effect. Expect to savor this flavor without the intense psychedelic effect until the middle of the evening. 

  • Snow White

Just like the fairytale, this autoflowering seed can make all your dreams come true. Well for those suffering from psychological issues that are. Snow White has known to help with depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. This plant has relaxing effects as this can cure headaches and migraines as well.

Snow White can be planted for both indoors and outdoors, with an average height and flowering stage at 8 weeks. The THC level is also on average. This is the perfect plant for those who just want to relax and sleep and relieve themselves of mind-related problems.

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