Top 5 Autoflower Seeds to Buy in USA

autoflower seeds usa

Autoflower seeds USA are modern hybrids of Ruderalis species of cannabis plants. Autoflower strains process from strain into blooming is considered as automatic. This can happen within 4-6 weeks from planting seeds. Many autoflower seeds USA will be harvested in less than 10 weeks upon cultivation. It grows well in an indoor or outdoor location, and it comes out in both feminized and regular autoflowering kinds. This is a great alternative for beginners looking to buy cannabis seeds. This type of seed has been made to begin blooming after a certain amount of time without changes in lighting schedules. This is an advanced technique of bringing a marijuana plant to bloom by reducing the time.  

In this article, we will discuss the best seeds to enjoy during your free time growing. Take a look at this information to obtain knowledge of what certain seed you must buy.

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5 Best Autoflower Seeds USA to Purchase

Top #5

Pineapple Express Auto Seeds

– This is a fast bud version of autoflowering seed. Pineapple Express grow into healthy size plants with strong internodes that create a thick fruity coat. It can offer a better yield of up to 400-600 grams per meter squared when grown indoors and 50-300 grams per plant when grown outdoors. This type of autoflower can range from 35-55 inches in height. Its growth time can only occur within 9 weeks from seed.

Top #4

Northern Lights Auto Seeds

–  Northern Lights Auto Seeds is considered as a big and efficient autoflower type. Indica type of weed and can grow into a perfect autoflowering plant that is easy to cultivate anywhere. This indica plant contains an earthy citrus scent and creates a comfortable effect caused by its THC content of 18%. The growing time of this seed can take 8 weeks from seed. Its plant height can reach up top 60 inches and yields from 120-200 grams per meter squared.

Top #3

Girl Scout Cookies Auto Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies are created to produce an autoflowering strain that tops in flavor and potency. This 60% indica plant can grow excellently into medium size which are very sticky candy buds that give physical and mental effects. Its THC level can reach up top 22% which is very promising for the users. The growing time of this seed can happen within 60-70 days from seed. Its height can range from 18-35 inches.

Top #2

White Widow Auto Seeds

– This White Widow autoflowering seed is very popular, pungent cannabis containing a Brazilian and South Indian gene. This medium-height plant produces a pungent indica bud covered in white crystals. Excessive high and mental buzz can be felt by its THC level of up to 19 percent. The growth time can take 8 weeks upon planting and reaches up to 24 inches in height. Yielding from 120-200 grams per meter squared.

And for our top pick for the best autoflowering seeds USA to purchase is no other than.

Top #1

Gorilla Glue Auto Seeds

– This is an award-winning hybrid! Gorilla Glue is known for its sticky buds that yields from 400-600 grams per meter squared. This can grow well in any location and is considered as one of the easiest autoflower to grow for beginners and also experts. The dense buds of Gorilla Glue produce a sweet pungent scent with a 24% THC level. It can grow from seed within 56 to 63 days and reaches from 24-39 inches in height.

Now that you have known the different autoflower seeds to purchase, get indulged with its offered effects. Begin cultivating your own seed today!

Get pleasured with your purchase

Enjoy cultivating and growing your purchased seeds. Be a producer and supply your friends with this excellent type of seed. Having the right data to produce and grow this seed can lead to success. A bountiful harvest is not impossible when you choose the perfect type of seed you desire to buy and grow. Do not settle for less, be an expert in terms of cannabis cultivation to elevate your abilities.

Locate your local store today!

There are several stores that provide these kinds of autoflowering seeds USA. Locate your local stores and start purchasing your own wanted seed. You can also open your phone and site some stores online that sell this type of seed. Start your purchase today! Enjoy the effects and be a witness!

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