Using Tiresias Mist on Creating Feminized Seed

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Modern advancements in growing cannabis technology have resulted in the development of methods to feminize cannabis plants naturally, along with artificial methods and rodelization, using substances where colloidal silver methods and silver thiosulfate are used. Feminization is the way to make sure that cannabis seeds are confirmed to be female, which may be the sex of the plant that generates bud that naturally produces greater ( THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol than the male plants, such as using Tiresias mist to create feminized seeds.

Feminized cannabis plants come via feminized seeds, created in a female plant by causing gender change. This gender change is caused by stressing the plants which causes it to release ethylene. That’s it. This release of ethylene would then be inhibited and causes the female plant to produce a pollen sac containing pollen that has 100% female traits which will result in 100% female seeds which will develop as female plants.

Feminized Seeds Benefits

Through growing exclusively feminized seeds, you are assured that only female cannabis plants yield a successful harvest with High THC buds. Feminized cannabis seeds even make sure you’re all female without any rebel male plant that can unintentionally pollinate the crops. A male plant in the center of your field will pollinate your seeds, resulting in seed development that you do not need rather than the desired after buds harvested for medicinal and recreational marijuana. Ultimately, the use of feminized seeds simplifies the cycle of planting, growing, and harvesting your cannabis buds and it will save you most of the trouble involved with planting standard cannabis seeds that can turn into female, male, and even hermaphrodite without you realizing it even after they have developed well into mature age.

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Because of the vast advantages of having feminized plants, a lot of growers buy feminized crops while others prefer to produce their feminized marijuana seeds by different methods such as using colloidal silver and silver thiosulfate chemicals, or through natural means such as Rodelization. Tiresias Mist is one of the common ways to induce a hormonal change in cannabis plants to produce pollen which ends up with female seeds. Tiresias Mist would be a product designed to streamline the manufacturing cycle.

Advantage of Using Tiresias Mist on Feminizing Cannabis Seeds

All-natural: Like the two additives commonly used in feminizing cannabis plants, Tiresias mist is produced from naturally occurring minerals.

Non-toxic: Compared with colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate form that is recommended not to be sprayed on buds due to the possibility of toxicity, Tiresias mist is completely non-irritating and non-toxic to plants, animals, and humans.

Easy to use: In comparison to silver thiosulfate and colloidal silver involving some understanding of chemistry and some blending of chemicals, Tiresias Mist confidence interval in a bottle of 1oz or 4oz spray. Also, hobby farmers can find Tiresias easy to use. And no need to blend chemicals or get involved with the complicated process of stimulating a chemical compound to isolate silver ions and their likes.

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Economical: Your seed production is much more economical than purchasing seed online. Online purchasing doesn’t only make you money but can also cause you to lose money because of low-quality seeds or even fake sellers. Manufacturing your seeds gives us the ability that you will have the highest quality seeds which will develop into your desired cannabis strain from a parent plant you have selected for its unique features. 

Have a seed stock: Holding seeds for potential use is not so much economic but is also convenient and productive for growers. Getting seed stocks on hand assured you that you have the potential to develop the same strain of cannabis that has the same qualities over the years, after different lots.

Possible business venture: Selling of feminized cannabis seeds is one of today’s thriving cannabis-related industries and Tiresias Mist is opening up a massive moment of time for you in producing feminized seeds. Though you can replicate desirable traits from a mother plant you can have the benefit of the quality of your seeds which is not present in several other seeds even though they might come from the very same strain.

How to Use Tiresias Mist

Similar to the methods used for colloidal silver and silver thiosulfate, you will first pick a subject plant that you will spray with Tiresias mist. Choose a plant that has not yet entered the stage of flowering, or is in the vegetative state for at least two weeks. Depending on the strain this plant will be around 5 inches in height.

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This plant must be separated within the time of operation for the remainder of the process. Spray the branch where you want to cultivate the feminized pollen, 3-4 times a day. Proceed this for about 21 days and avoid spraying to enable the normal development of your plant.

Mark the branch you sprayed with Tiresias Mist, and trim off this section just before it bursts open when it grows pollen sacs. Place in a bottle of water while living in solitary confinement. This pollen can be collected for immediate use or preserved for later use.

Currently, Tiresias Mist is considered the game-changer of marijuana plant feminizing techniques. This is indeed most welcome since only female plants that produce buds which naturally possess a large level of THC for medical and recreational cannabis use.

A variety of hypotheses, methods, and products are currently being used with very mixed results and the products weren’t meant to be used for the plants. Tiresias Mist is healthy for plants, animals, and humans, and no need to think about any adverse environmental side effects.

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