Sweet Red Poison – An Autoflowering Marijuana Strain for your Weed Garden

Aside from having an awesome name, Sweet Red Poison is a 100% auto-flowering strain that benefits from hybridization between another exotic auto-flowering strain with purple flowers that descended from Kush ancestors from Pakistan and one of the most appreciated strains around, Green Poison. Sweet Red Poison propagates with Indica/Sativa characteristics, though it’s mostly Indica thanks to its genetics. It offers great hybrid vigor and liveliness from the first stages of its growth. Furthermore, the plant has long flexible side branches plus a strong main stem that’s indicative of its Indica genes. This is the hybrid that offers a signature aromatic resin that covers thick, dense buds.

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The smell and flavor of the Sweet Red Poison is intense and pleasant rather than pungent to the point of having a Limburger smell. That’s because its Skunk background is mostly soft and its crossbreeding emphasizes its fruitiness and sweetness more, hence its name. While flowering, around 80% of all Sweet Red Poisons acquire a reddish or purple tone (which is again referenced by what they’re called) in the buds. Some of them even develop coloring on the leaves as well. After they’re harvested and dried, the buds of the Sweet Red Poison become dark to almost black in hue.

The Sweet Red Poison plant isn’t only good for marijuana harvesting purposes; it’s also one of the prettiest and most striking cannabis plants around or plants in the general period. This auto-flowering plant can yield up to 550 g/m² indoors, but only up to 175 g/m² outdoors due to destructive elemental factors (hence it having moderate difficulty in growing; it’s a sensitive plant), thus this is best harvested as an indoor plant. It takes about eight weeks or 55 days to grow from seed germination to being a full-grown plant. Finally, its drug effects are mild, relaxing, and ultimately cerebral.

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Buy Sweet Poison Cannabis Seeds Online

You can order Sweet Poison marijuana seeds from the internet and have them shipped right to your doorsteps. The prices for these online marijuana seed banks are cheaper than the ones which you can get from your local suppliers because these seed banks are direct suppliers or are breeders themselves. Aside from that, the competition on the internet business has become very competitive that they have to lower their prices just to compete.

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