What you Need to Know About Snow White Autoflowering

snow white strain

The Snow White strain is not that tall, making it also a probable choice for indoor and hydroponic methods. It can also grow in sea green hydro system.

Flowering time for Snow White strain is about 8-10 weeks with an average level of THC. Novice growers can also try this out since it is very easy to grow. Physically, the Snow White auto-flowering plant has a lot of resins atop the leaves within 2 weeks before it starts flowering. It can grow up to 200 cm with flat and round leaves. Before harvest, the leaves of the plant turn a darker shade, which is the identifier of frost that the plant accumulates. Some growers have tried to plant Snow White outdoors, but poor quality of yields is to be expected. For better results, it is recommended to plant the seeds indoors.

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When smoked, users will experience a relaxed and stoned effect. It can be a little bit draining and smokers will be put to sleep within 2-3 hours. This is perfect for people who intend to use Snow White medically. It helps in alleviating symptoms of fatigue, depression, insomnia, anxiety and headache. It is also because of this effect that smokers are discouraged to do activities such as cooking and driving to prevent mishaps. Odor-wise, Snow White is quite strong but tolerable.

In growing the Snow White auto-flowering plant indoors, growers should make use of carbon filters in order to halt the aroma from escaping. The filters should be set in passage ways, including windows and doors. In some cases, growers tend to delay the harvest time of the plant in order maximize the production of resins.

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Order Snow White Auto-Flowering on the Internet.

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