Short Rider Autoflower Review

short rider autoflower

The Short Rider Autoflower is an all-time favorite auto for first-time and advanced cannabis growers. It’s easy to grow – consuming minimal space, and delivers a great high for stoners!

Finding a perfect cannabis strain that suits our tastes is often difficult. With thousands of strains available, it’s sometimes frustrating what to choose with each one seems perfect for your cannabis delight.

However, it’s essential that as a beginner, you should cultivate a particular strain that’s quite flexible upon different growing marijuana conditions. A strain that would be an excellent learning ground for growers who are still on their early stage of learning.

Well, you’re definitely on the right track. In this page, we’ll take a review on one of the most infamous autos in the cannabis industry, the Short Rider Autoflower. If you wish to know more of this strain, then scroll down below.

Short Rider Autoflower’s Profile and Description

The Short Rider Autoflower cannabis seeds is a hybrid strain from the combination of two highly acclaimed breeds, the Top 44 and Early Special. The Top 44 is literally named for its estimated 44-day cultivation period given ideal growing conditions. Its an indica dominant strain bearing a short stature bringing a unique caramel aroma that will keep you couch-lock upon use.  

Meanwhile, the Early Special is one of the most primitive autoflowering cannabis strains. Its genetics are said to come from Siberian Ruderalis, an ancient ruderalis strain. This strain is most known for its early flowering phase. It’s a disease-resistant strain and could be cultivated for at least 63 days given the right conditions.

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A combination of these strains results to a strong auto-strain bearing the desirable characteristics of Top 44 and Early Special. Nevertheless, this strain has short stature about 4 feet in height and very bushy. Its green leaves are highly dense, clustered,  and quite long with intense claddings. Its white buds resemble a group of strands sprouted in one single place.

This hybrid could be grown either indoor or outdoor. Though, it’s most suitable for outdoor growing for extreme exposure to the heat of the sun. It’s a very fast flowering cannabis strain.

Upon planting, it reaches two to three weeks of vegetative phase and about six to eight weeks (seed to flowering) before it will go for harvest. Nonetheless, its best cultivated at warm to tropical climates. At these conditions, it could be harvested two to three times a week. A single plant has an average yield of about 200 to 300 gr/m2 buds in a sea of green setup.

It has moderate THC levels ranging from 15 to 19%. Its buds are highly potent with a fruit-like and pungent smell. This strain ain’t known for therapeutic benefits. Otherwise, it could increase stamina and keep you active, to endure long hours of work.

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Since it’s convenient to grow, this strain could be found easily in various cannabis dispensaries or online seed banks.

Short Rider Autoflower Review:

For a detailed review, let’s divide this part into two sections: (1) growing or cultivation and (2) taste and potency.

1. Growing the Strain

It’s a not a hassling strain. You can grow the plant through a variety of environmental conditions. The strain could be cultivated even in the Northern parts of Europe where it’s quite cold and humid. Though, the strain is best suited to warmer regions. With its compact and short span flowering period, the strain is ideal for indoors. You don’t have to spend a long amount of time and waste electricity on lightings because it takes only about a month for it to flower.

Consequently, the strain is highly adaptive and even disease resistant as its parent strain. You’ll definitely have to put sufficient nutrients and establish proper ventilation for the strain to thrive before harvest. For indoor use, it’s recommended to use 4100 K to 27800 K temperature grow lamps to ensure that it will give you a maximum THC content.

Given proper nutrients and exposing it to optimum conditions, the strain generates a great number of buds. However, not as abundant as other strains, it’s definitely worth it for its short lifetime and stature. Thus, it’s in demand for cultivation since it grows quickly and at the same time, high yielding. Aside from that, this strain is often suggested by cannabis experts for first-time growers.

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2. Taste and Potency

Noted for its medium THC amount, the strain is expected to deliver a moderate euphoria as compared to other strains with high (20% and more) THC amounts. However, upon consumption with large dosages, it could generate psychoactive effects leading to euphoria, getting stoned, and keeping you relaxed. Likewise, this strain is mostly recommended by first-time smokers since it doesn’t deliver much potency as other strains.

As to its taste, the strain has a powerful aroma—citrus like with a bit of foulness that most smoking enthusiasts really like. It ain’t too strong yet not that light for use. Thus, it’s a best-seller for those who just want to take a short-time ooze from cannabis. That ‘high’ feeling could take about four hours for this strain depending on the dosage.

Though it’s not for medicinal use, there are users who take this strain as a cure for depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Likewise, it was quite effective in certain cases.

Aside from that, this strain is most likely less expensive as compared to other strains. It’s not rare and often available in cannabis dispensaries or online marijuana seed banks.


The Short Rider Autoflowering strain is a versatile cannabis variety with fast-growing, moderate to high yielding, and mildly potent features that are best suited for beginner smokers and growers out there. Aside from that, this strain is prettily accessible and often sold at affordable prices in cannabis dispensaries. Let’s go take a ride, not quite short though with this Marijuana strain!

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