Short Rider Auto Feminized for Growing Short Autoflowering Marijuana

Short Rider Auto-flowering Feminized strain is a combination of ruderalis, indica and sativa strains. It is a the result of breeding two though discontinued but high quality breeds Top 44 and Early Special. Top 44 is well known among growers because of its capacity to deliver great yields that are well regarded for its strong and skunk harvests at the end of flowering period in a matter of 44 days, thus the name. The Early Special, however, is attributed to Short Rider Auto Feminized’s ability to “auto-flower”. A property attributed to Early Special’s Siberian Cannabis Ruderalis genes. Auto-flowering means the strains ability to enter flowering stage without needing to follow strict lighting requirements. This strain is going to go through flowering stage regardless of the lighting.

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This is a great choice, in fact a must have for growers who happen to  have a limited growing area or in some cases, just want to finish the cultivation period as early as possible. It can be grown whether indoors, outdoors or at a greenhouse. The typical output is 200 grams per square meter. If planted outdoors however, one could expect 300 grams per square meters when SOG procedure is applied.

It can grow to about 50 to 70 cm which is typically short for marijuana strains. The THC ranges between 12 and 18%, another reason why it is popular for commercial purposes.

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When smoked, the flavor is a combination of pungent and fruity taste, which delivers a relaxing body stone high. This is an unexpected effect from something that would grow in a short period of time and at the same time, no stringent needs for constant lighting needs.

This strain is best for growers who either have a very limited space or wants to produce a high quality harvest with a good amount of yield and that the same time would be favorable for the smokers as well.

Where to Order Short Rider Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

If you want to grow Short Rider Auto Feminized cannabis seeds then ordering from an online seed bank is your best move because you don’t need to travel to a seed store and spend more time and money along the way with a possibility of not finding the strain. By ordering online, you just have to spend a little bit of your time finding an online seed bank and with a few clicks of your computer’s mouse, your seeds will be on its way.

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