Short Rider Auto: Fast Growing Cannabis Strain

short rider auto

The short rider auto is a perfect strain to deliver you a not quite short but a long-lasting hella cannabis ride. It’s fast-growing and definitely something you can’t miss out!

In life, we have to be patient. Wherever we go, we must develop a sense of waiting as everything doesn’t appear instantly. However, our cannabis fantasies could not be delayed for a long time and as much as possible, we want to smoke and consume cannabis at least once every now and then. That is why many cannabis growers use auto-flowering plants for quick and convenient growing.

One of the most profound cannabis auto strains is the Short Rider Auto. In this article, we will take a review and look on the features of this auto-strain. If you want to know more, then scroll down below to keep going.

Profile Description for Short Rider Auto


This strain is a perfect combination of three cannabis varieties respectively the sativa, indica, and ruderalis. It’s a result of crossbreed of two discontinued marijuana strains, the Top 44 and Early Special.

The Top 44, literally to what its name refers to 44-days of cultivation period. Thus, this is an indica fast-growing strain from the blend of Skunk #1 and Viking. It’s a low maintenance plant with long-lasting effects and lemony scent that will give you a powerful knockout.

Whereas, the Early Special is another fast-growing and flowering strain. Its an indica and ruderalis variety grown at short stature. This strain comes from the original Siberian Ruderalis. Its disease resistant strain suitable for use on beginners. This strain has a fruity smell with a low to moderate THC level.

Since these two strains are discontinued marijuana strains, it means that these varieties were stopped being sold or temporarily being shelved by a particular seller to accommodate for newer strains. Thus, these strains are quite rare and difficult to find in the cannabis market today.

Similarly to its parent strains, the Short Rider Auto has only low to moderate THC content. Approximately, its THC could range from 8% to 15%. Likewise, the strain has low CBD content with values of less than 5%.

Cultivation of Short Rider Auto


The Short Rider Auto has inherited its quick growing and auto features to its parent strains. Nonetheless, the strain is quite short, about 0.8 to 1.5 meter (32 to 60 inches). The plant will bloom for flowering in a span of 45 to 55 days. In a short span about 63 to 60 days, the flowers could be harvested and will be liable for drying as needed.

Though the strain could be grown outdoors, its best for cultivation indoors for its short stature and fast-growing characteristic. Through the Sea of Green (SOG) method, you’ll be able to harvest about 300 grams of yield. However, using the normal method you could potentially get a yield of about 200 to 250 grams of buds.

As it’s an auto-flowering plant, this strain does not depend on light as when it will start budding. Though, it still needs light similarly to other varieties in order for it to thrive. It’s recommended using a 600-watt lamp for at least 15 plants of this strain.

For outdoor growing, it’s recommended to plant the strain from late July to early August for a maximum bud yield. During these months, the sun will be shining very brightly. As these are short-duration cannabis plants, it needs sunlight the most upon its entire growth. Also, we want to avoid the cold and moisture as these could cause molds and few diseases.

Effects Upon Consumption of Short Rider Auto


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Upon flowering, you’ll be able to feel disgusted upon the smell of this cannabis strain. It has a pungent smell similar to someone who has a bad armpit odor. Thus, you’ll have to fully enclose to make sure that the smell won’t reach anywhere else.

However, after drying it, this smell will change and become more fruity citrus with a touch of Earl Grey tea. This flavor will retain until consuming or smoking it as well. But nonetheless, you’ll get struggle upon inhaling. However, the exhale feels definitely heavenly.

As to the strain’s body effects, it does keep you high. It’s a good evening strain for relaxation and comfort. It’s best to match with coffee during your evening break or before getting to sleep. Upon smoking, it gives you a head buzz for a few seconds until the stoning will arrive.

Usually, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes for small dosages but varies depending on your cannabis tolerance. After that few minutes, you’ll be able to feel relief and a pleasant state of mind.

As of now, the strain does not have quite concrete medicinal benefits. However, it could be used as an alternative treatment for anxiety, depression, and those suffering from PTSD. Likewise, the strain could be used for insomnia and to enhance focus or concentration.

The short rider auto is a recommended strain to those people who are still starting to grow cannabis. It’s easy to grow does not need a lot of effort and maintenance. It’s very flexible and its even disease resistant as well. Also, its short-duration and would be an excellent practice as a guide or experiment for those who want to do business on cannabis.

It does deliver that ‘high’ you wanted to achieve. Though, it’s not as strong as other highly potent strains that are being sold in cannabis stores today. Just by looking at its THC content, you should not expect that it will keep you rock out intensely. Though, it’s a good start for mild cannabis doses as those who just want to stay relax after a day of work or school.

Aside from that, another advantage of this strain is its quite small. You’ll be able to plant it anywhere else in your home or secretly to a hidden cabinet. Its an excellent option for discreet cannabis planting most especially the cannabis laws are still quite strict on few places.

It’s also good for personal cannabis use. It’s easy to flower and readily accessible as well. Instead of buying on the cannabis stores, you could personally do things without taking it too long as you don’t want.

Overall, this strain is worthy to try most especially for beginners. Its quickly grown, small, and very versatile on different conditions. Aside from that, it does give you a long and relaxing cannabis ride. Its something accessible suitable also for personal use and consumption. Happy auto-smoking my cannabis buddies and have a great short rider day!

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