Flowering Time 101: Revolver Marijuana Strain

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Have you ever wondered why a large number of growers prefer to use autoflowering cannabis seeds? Aside from being small and compact, perfect for stealth growing, autos are known for their quick flowering times. If you are a grower, you want everything quick so you can get cash in on your efforts quickly too. And when it comes to autoflowers, a strain with quick flowering is hot in the market today and this is the Revolver strain available in Revolver marijuana seeds.

Find out why this strain ranks higher than regular strains and why it’s preferred by many growers from this Revolver marijuana strain flowering guide.

What Kind of Cannabis Strain is Revolver?

Revolver is an autoflowering cannabis strain from a very popular breeder in North America. This strain is an indoor and outdoor strain and because of its auto lineage, it is only available in feminized form.

Revolver strain is easy to cultivate and will grow into a compact, bushy plant that is perfect for indoor growing. This strain is so easy to grow that even first-time growers will be able to adapt.

It is indica dominant so expect a long lasting effect and a clear high. It also has medicinal effects aside from its powerful recreational high. You can use the revolver to work up your appetite and to reduce pain especially headaches and muscle pains.

How Long Goes it take for Revolver Marijuana Seeds to Flower?

Because Revolver marijuana seeds are autoflowering strain, you can expect faster flowering times. This strain can remarkably bloom in just 7 weeks. Regular strains are just beginning to grow taller and wider at this stage.

The fast flowering allows growers to cultivate this strain even twice or thrice a year. Given the right growing conditions and the best climate, you can get as much as 250 grams indoors and 150 grams outdoors.

What Affects the Flowering time of Revolver Strains?

This indica dominant autoflowering strain can flower quickly and won’t even have to use a strict 12 light/ 12 dark schedule to bloom. But there are some factors that may affect the flowering time of Revolver strains. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Stress

One of the most common culprits of extended flowering times is stress. Plants such as an autoflowering variety are not immune to stress. The first indication of stress may be hard to determine even if you regularly monitor your plants.

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It starts with poor growth during the flowering stage. Your Revolver marijuana seeds, as well as other autoflowering plants, will barely grow any new leaves, stems or even roots. It will miss flowering times and usually, it will flower a week or two after because it has to recover from stress.

Stress could come in any form but the most common is handling your plants too much. Moving your plants from one area to another or transplanting it from a small container to a large one are some ways to stress your plants a lot.

So to prevent stress, stop moving your plants and grow it inside a final container. If you are growing your plants in hydro, make sure to provide a stable environment. Never forget to check water pH, root pH and the effectiveness of the air pump in the water reservoir.

In short, keep your plants happy and these will flower and bloom at the right times especially when you are taking care of Revolver cannabis strains.

  • Pests

Sometimes it takes significant damage before we notice that there are pests in our growing areas! Pests can range from spider mites, grasshoppers and crickets and do you know that overlooking these creatures for just one night can result in terrible damage in your crops.

These pests stress plants a lot because they eat the nutrients that plants are supposed to use. These pests also target the back side of the leaves where it’s juicy and rich with nutrients.

There are many ways to deal with pests. The most natural way the better so you won’t end up changing the smell, taste, and effect of your buds.

A good natural treatment is neem oil. This is natural oil that has good pesticide qualities. Just mix neem oil and water and spray this on all the parts of the plant excluding the buds. Neem oil can cause a bitter taste and aroma of the buds so never spray this on flowers.

You must also exercise diligence and watch out for pests regularly. Check every plant if possible and keep your surroundings clean. Only through this will you be able to keep your growing area pest-free.

  • Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew can significantly stress your plants and can even destroy existing flowers. This happens when there is increased moisture inside the growing area causing molds to develop. Sometimes, the mold is not just on plants but these can be found inside the dense folds of buds and in the roots. These are very hard to determine and usually, you’ll find that it’s too late to treat your plants.

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The key to mold and mildew removal is to eliminate the source of moisture and to improve the humidity inside a room. Usually, the source of moisture is too much water inside the room. When you water your plants in an indoor setting, you immediately increase the moisture content inside the room. So after watering, open a door or window to reduce moisture in the air. Use a dehumidifier to regularly check and control humidity inside your grow room.

Mold can also be from plants brought from the outdoors to inside the growing area. To prevent this, avoid taking in new plants and if you must do this, place a new plant under quarantine first.

  • Nutrient problems (deficiencies and toxicities)

Another way to stress plants is either through providing too many nutrients or cutting short on other nutrients. Remember that some nutrients may affect the delivery of other nutrients in the case of calcium and potassium. Also, pH in the soil can also affect the absorption of minerals from the roots and this could cause root lock.

To avoid these, stick to a commercially-prepared fertilizer mix. These contain the right amounts of nutrients needed by the plant during specific stages. During the vegetative stage, cannabis plants need fertilizer mixes with more nitrogen to help create leaves, stems, and branches and for the overall growth and development of plants.

During the flowering stage, nitrogen is rarely used because plants have ceased growing. Your plants will now need more potassium and phosphorous to grow large, dense and juicy buds.

Regularly monitor soil pH so you can correct nutrient toxicities and deficiencies fast. Use soil that is conducive to growing cannabis like Revolver. Sandy-clayey soil is perfect because this can absorb more water and nutrients and at the same time.

  • Transplanting

As mentioned, one way to stress plants a lot is to transplant it in new soil or in another growing container. Since transplanting is inevitable especially for growers who want to start with small containers, Revolver marijuana seeds should be germinated in peat pellets.

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Peat pellets are small growing pellets that expand when wet. A seed is encased inside this pellet where it can germinate, take root and grow. Peat pellets also prevent touching and shedding of the tap root which is the very first structure that sprouts from the seed. The taproot is where all the root structures develop. When the seedling is strong enough and has developed roots and more leaves it may now be transplanted, stress-free, in larger containers.

To do this place cannabis-friendly soil in a large container or pot and dig a hole in the middle to place the pellet in. Avoid touching any part of the roots because doing so can severely stress your plants.

Place your plants under good lighting to help them recuperate right after transplanting. Don’t give food yet because the new soil still has nutrients to last for days.

  • Training

Training methods such as fimming and topping can severely stress plants causing delayed bud development and delayed harvests. But there is a good thing about these methods. These can increase yields during harvest time.

For successful topping and fimming, perform these in healthy plants. Your Revolvers should be ideally healthy, are not affected by any disease, mold or pests and are drinking or feeding well.

If you want to use these techniques, practice first. Read about how it’s done and watch training videos to avoid costly mistakes that can stress your plants more.

  • Poor lighting

Light is life to plants and with poor lighting, plants can become stressed, can stretch just to receive light and this can weaken their stems.

As much as possible, invest in good lighting systems. The LED lighting is known to be the most efficient and won’t break your budget. From the time your plants are just Revolver marijuana seeds that are just germinating till harvest time, provide the best lighting so you can avoid the stress that can affect your plant’s flowering time.  

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