What You Need to Know About Revolver Autoflower Cannabis

revolver autoflower

The autoflower version of the Revolver strain makes it one of the easiest plants to cultivate.  The buds you gain from the plant can provide a relaxing buzz and is the best type of weed for beginners.

What are the characteristics can you expect from the autoflower plant? Are the effects of the Revolver bud too harsh or mild for the average user? Let us answer those questions by giving you an in-depth look at the Revolver autoflower plant.

 Revolver Autoflower Cannabis Characteristics

The standout feature of any autoflower cannabis plant is its short growth cycle. The Revolver plant can take only up to seven weeks to grow from a seed into a flowering plant. This is thanks to the genes from the cannabis ruderalis plants that have been growing in harsh environments.

Ruderalis is a hardy plant that made certain wild areas of Russia it’s home. Because of the lack of sun and other external factors, the plant adopted a fast growth time.

Apart from harvesting the buds in a short time, the quick growth cycle of the plant lessen the risks and other expenditure. If you will cultivate the plants outdoors, the short lifespan of the plant means that it has less time to be a target of pests and other diseases. In addition, autoflowering plants require less water and nutrient need than regular cannabis plants.

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Another characteristic of Revolver autoflower plants is its ability to enter the flowering stage regardless of the light exposure. Regular cannabis plant follows a photoperiod schedule to determine when it will stop growing its plant structure and start producing buds. When it comes to cultivating regular seed indoors, you need to set the light exposure schedule of the plants to control their vegetative and flowering phase.

Thanks to the automatic trait of the autoflower plants, you do not have to worry about changing the light schedule of the Revolver plants within your indoor garden. You can continue providing the plants with the same long hours of daylight throughout its flowering stage.

In regards to indoor gardens, the size of Revolver plants is small and bushy. This makes them suitable for grow cabinets or tents. You do not have to worry about investing plenty of space to accommodate the rising stems of this plant.

Because of its small size, the autoflower Revolver does not have the same yield rates as its regular version. Fortunately, the Revolver plant can produce up to 200 grams of buds per plant. This is double the average yield rates of other autoflower cannabis plants.


Because of its lineage from the NY City Diesel, Revolver buds has a chemical smell of gasoline. You can also spot a mix of earthy citrus fruit within the diesel aroma.

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The citrus profile of the Revolver is stronger on your tongue when you inhale the smoke. Upon exhaling, you get a mix of fruit and diesel aftertaste lounging at the tip of your tongue.

Cannabis Potency

Revolver’s THC potency is at a modest range of 13 to 15 percent. This makes the strain suitable for any beginners or people who have yet to experience marijuana. The potency is not as overwhelming as other strong marijuana strains that can cause nasty side effects for people with no resistance against THC.

In regards to the potency level, the revolver delivers a comfortable and mild buzz that washes over your body. You will feel calm and collected as the stress slowly melts away. There is also a surge of bliss slowly rising at the back of your head as your worries fade.

The Revolver autoflower has an above average CBN potency of four percent. CBN is a psychoactive cannabinoid that has a strong sedative trait. Upon smoking the strain, the cannabinoid works on the tense part of your muscles and joints. Your body will feel relaxed and heavy. Over time, you may find yourself drifting to sleep.

The bud also has a 0.1 percent of CBD. This cannabinoid is efficient at relieving pain and aches, which works well with the relaxant trait of the Revolver.

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Medical Benefits of Revolver Autoflower Cannabis

The THC and CBN potency of the Revolver is great at treating insomnia. The buzz effect eases nearly any tense part of your body, which helps eliminate any discomfort while laying on your bed. Both cannabinoids also soothe your mind of any worrying thoughts to help you drift to sleep.

The modest CBD content of the strain can treat mild pain. This includes headaches or stiff joints. Apart from pain relief,  Revolver autoflower  can alleviate nausea and migraines.

One of the important benefits of the marijuana strains is its ability to improve your appetite. This is important when you are suffering from an eating disorder or if a medical condition is preventing you from enjoying your food. Revolver will help you regain your appetite and maintain a healthy weight.

You can now see that the Autoflower Revolver is suitable for both rookie cultivators and anyone who has yet to try marijuana. Always remember to provide the plant with sufficient water and sunlight to get a good amount of bud at the end of its flowering period.

The Revolver autoflower strain is a good example of marijuana that nearly anyone can enjoy. Everyone should get a chance to experience the joys of lighting up some weed and lounging on the couch. As Tommy Chong would say “you are happy when smoking weed. Any worries you have about the future or even the past are way behind you.”

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