Revolver Auto Flowering Marijuana Strain

Revolver auto-flowering marijuana is a mostly indica strain, making it medicinal in nature. This strain is effective in relieving pain and can stimulate appetite. It is a combination of NY City Diesel and the Original White Widow. It is one easy to grow strains and can grow both indoors and outdoors. This marijuana plant has abundant yields, perfect for noob growers. It is also not that tall, making it a perfect choice for those who to choose to grow in their indoor garden.

Being an auto flowering strain, one can start harvesting as early as 7 weeks. Its THC level is not that high (13.76%), yet brings a stoney-high, buzz-like effect. Revolver’s CBD is 0.1% and its CBN is 4.2%.

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Revolver auto flowering strain originates in Spain and Crop King Seeds are its breeders. Based on reviews, this strain is a clear favorite among growers. The Revolver auto flowering is low maintenance and grows very fast. The buds are compact and dense, and resins can be noticed upon maturity. The Revolver auto flowering strain is not light fully light-dependent. This makes it perfect for indoor growth. In about 3 days, the plants can already be seen above ground. Yield is not much compared to other auto flowering strains, but the quick harvest time makes up for it. Indoors, one can expect up to 250 grams per square meter. Outdoors, yield can also reach 150 grams, depending on the set up.

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In smoking the Revolver auto flowering strain, smokers can experience relaxation and euphoria, which is why it mostly used by people who have migraines, anxiety, ADD, anorexia, and those who are constantly stressed. Like most marijuana strains, smoking Revolver weed will also increase one’s appetite.

This specific strain is not a primary choice among novice and expert growers, but because of the positive reviews, the Revolver is becoming a primary choice among many.

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