Jack Herer Autoflower: A Comprehensive Guide

jack herer autoflower strain

If you are looking for an all-around strain, nothing comes close to Jack Herer. Jack Herer is a popular recreational cannabis strain and medicinal strain. The reason for the success of Jack Herer is its potent CBD content.

In fact, it has won a number of awards for its impressive potency and high quality. And when it comes to growing Jack Herer auto-flowering plants, the very first thing you need to do is to look for the best Jack Herer autoflower seeds. Find out more about Jack Herer autoflowering plants from this comprehensive guide.

What is Jack Herer Autoflower Strain?

Jack Herer is a ruderalis strain with sativa-dominant characteristics. This strain has gained popularity because of its namesake Jack Herer, marijuana supporter and author of the controversial read: The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

The effects of Jack Herer are quite interesting because it is a mixture of a resinous indica strain with cerebrally stimulating sativas. There are a number of variations of the Jack Herer strain and each one of these phenotypes has unique characteristics and properties.

Jack Herer Auto-flower is a strain that’s popular for its auto-flowering characteristics and its powerful medicinal effects. It is actually known as a medical strain and even received recognition for this classification. You can use Jack Herer for pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and depression with minimal side effects.

And since this Jack Herer is an autoflowering cannabis strain, you can count on this train to flower early, give you modest yields and will never rely on a strict lighting schedule.  

Where did Jack Herer Autoflower come from?

Jack Herer Auto-flower is a strain that comes from very powerful parent strains. It was made by combining Northern Lights #5 and a Shiva Skunk cross. The creators of Jack Herer had a goal of combining the cerebral high brought about by strong sativas and the impressive resin creation of relaxing indicas.

Jack Herer was first introduced in the Netherlands in the 1990s and after being an instant hit, it was later branded as a medical strain by pharmacies located in the country. Since then, the strain continued to conquer Europe by storm until it arrived in North America and in other parts of the globe.

Many breeders have tried their best to grow Jack Herer and most used a Mediterranean climate which is the ideal climate to grow this type of cannabis strain. Jack Herer may be grown indoors or outdoors for as long as it is cultivated in a warm environment.

What are the natural effects of Jack Herer Autoflower?

Jack Herer will provide you with renewed energy enough to do almost anything your heart desires. It is a strain that will erase all negative thoughts and give you a happy, uplifted and euphoric effect. Do you feel tired despite having slept all night? Do you lack the energy to work on creative stuff? Jack Herer can help you get things done and to get that creative juices flowing.

If you need a strain that will keep you awake in the morning and something to relieve mental and physical fatigue, let Jack Herer be your daytime strain.

And just like all cannabis strains, Jack Herer Auto-flower has a few side effects. None of these negative effects are life threatening and take note that these can be overcome by taking only a moderate dose of this strain.

A regular dose of Jack Herer Auto-flower can give you dry eyes and dry mouth. You may also suffer from headaches and restlessness which are symptoms that you are new to using this strain. Aside from these negative effects, some users complain of slight paranoia. This happens when you are new to the strain or you are entirely new to consuming cannabis.

The most common reason for suffering from these side effects is the amount of THC in the strain. Cannabis strains with high THC can cause severe dryness of the eyes and mouth, headaches and restlessness. This is exactly what Jack Herer has; it contains high THC levels at 24%.

At this level, side effects may be too difficult to handle for first time users. Therefore, if you were prescribed with this strain as a medical strain, consider a tapered dose to avoid severe side effects.  

Is Jack Herer Autoflowering Strain also a Medical Strain?

Jack Herer contains natural mood-elevating components which can help reduce stress and relieve depression. It can revive depleted energy so you can deal with physical and mental fatigue. You can use this as a daytime strain to help you deal with negative thoughts and lack of energy.

The strain is also a popular natural treatment for pain including headaches, muscle pains, muscle strains, and chronic pain. The natural analgesic properties of Jack Herer is better than using chemical-based drugs which can bring more harm than good. This is not a strain for people suffering from insomnia because it can keep you awake for hours.

If you wish to use Jack Herer for your medical condition, consider talking to a medical marijuana-savvy health professional. This may be included in your natural medical treatment, especially for depression and pain.

What is the smell and taste of Jack Herer Autoflower?

Jack Herer’s euphoric effects come with a unique blend of flavors and scents. You will taste the earthy, pine and woody aroma even if you just took a small amount. This taste and smell are strong enough to linger in your mouth and nose hours after you consumed the strain.

You can tell that a Jack Herer has been cured properly when you distinguish a tinge of flowers, hints of citrus and lemon zest even on the first exhale. You can even smell this unique combination of scents when you break open the buds.

It will give you a smooth and easy smoke that will taste like herbal medicine and it’s not too pungent to turn you off.

How do you grow Jack Herer Autoflower?

Jack Herer Autoflower seeds are available directly from its manufacturer as well as from local and online cannabis seed shop. And if you can’t find seeds, you can look for a healthy Jack Herer Auto plant and harvest clones or clippings.

The ideal growing environment

Jack Herer Auto plants will grow well in a warm or Mediterranean-style climate. Although these will grow indoors or outdoors, it is best to cultivate it outdoors so your plants can take advantage of the warm sunshine, good soil and refreshing rain and wind.

Outdoor growing in the soil also enhances the flavor of your plants so as much as possible, grow these in this medium. But if you are looking for clean strains, then the best growing medium would be hydro.

Training your Jack Herer Auto

Because of the autoflowering traits of this strain, it will grow short and compact but still, you need to train your plants so that these will have better yields.

Prune your plants by removing large fan leaves. This will help your plants focus all its resources to grow the buds healthier and stronger. Removing large fan leaves will also help improve air circulation inside the canopy to reduce mold and mildew growth.

Use topping or fimming to multiply your colas. Topping is cutting under the topmost cola to reveal 2 buds. Therefore, four Jack Herer Auto plants can have 8 buds. Meanwhile, fimming is another technique and this time, the cut is made directly under the buds and just higher by a few centimeters from the topping site. After fimming, four plants will have 16 colas which mean more yields for every plant.

Feed your plants with the best fertilizer mixes

Cannabis plants vary in nutritional needs throughout its lifetime. During the seedling phase, plants don’t need to be supplemented because they take nutrient from the soil and from the seed cotyledon.

During the vegetative stage, plants undergo active growth and therefore they need fertilizer mixes with high nitrogen amounts. Nitrogen helps build strong green leaves, stems, and branches. It prepares the plant to hold large and dense buds that happen later.

Meanwhile, plants that are in their flowering stage needs less nitrogen and more potassium and phosphorous. Potassium and phosphorous are needed for optimum bud growth and development.

Test soil and root pH

A crucial part of any cannabis growing is checking or testing soil and root. A healthy root system improves overall plant health and development.

Use home pH testing kits available from garden centers and cannabis growing shops. The pH of the soil should be 6.6 which is the natural pH of the soil. High or low pH should be corrected using pH correcting products.  

Important growing information for Jack Herer Autoflower plants

  • Jack Herer Autoflower plants are moderately-easy to grow.
  • Yields are moderate and flowering will take place from 7 to 9 weeks
  • Your plants will grow into compact and dense plants
  • Daily temperatures to grow Jack Herer Auto is from 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Jack Herer Autoflower marijuana seeds are for novice growers because it grows easily and will grow no matter what growing environment you may have.  
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