How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online Legally?

cannabis seeds online legally

Buying cannabis seeds online legally? This might be the question that has been in your mind for so long.

Cannabis strain are also cannabis products just like edibles, flowers, and concentrates. People in Canada can buy these products either at the local dispensaries or through the web.

There are many Canadian seed companies. They sell cannabis all over the country. However, the question is, how can people buy fresh, quality cannabis seeds online safely and legally?

Please read on to learn how you should get started.

Are Canadian Seed Banks the Better Places to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Canada is among the countries where one can buy cannabis products of any form offline and even online. There is nothing to question when it comes to the service of Canadian seed banks. These companies aim to provide quality products and good service to every patient or recreational consumer.

Canadian seed banks guarantee fast, safe shipment and delivery of their products. These companies are known and trusted for their consistent commitment and integrity.

What Type of Cannabis Seeds Can You Buy Online?

There are 3 types of cannabis seeds that anyone can buy online. These are regular, feminized, and autoflowering. Regular seeds are those that come from male and female plants.

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The feminized seeds don’t have male chromosomes and are sure to give resinous buds. However, autoflowering seeds are the best choice if you like to grow cannabis plants indoors. In fact, according to, auto seeds don’t need a separate vegetative and flowering setting.

All these 3 forms of cannabis seeds have their own characteristics. Also, they exist in different varieties or strains to choose from. Seed companies can help if you need suggestions when it comes to the strains.

Where and How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Many of the world-renowned seed companies are overseas. Most of them are Spanish, British, and Canadian companies. They offer a selection of cannabis seeds that originated in various local breeders.

In Canada, you can buy cannabis seeds anywhere within your state. You can get them either at a local dispensary or through a seed company online.

Researching Marijuana Seeds Online

Before you buy marijuana seeds online, you must figure out first what strain you would like to cultivate and what breeder you like to buy from. Breeders with a long history and a good reputation are often the best place to begin.

You can also research and search for an internet-based grow journal which details the entire growing process of a particular strain from a specific breeder. With these, you can look over the specific notes and pictures of the end results of another grower. If you grow a few seeds and you are happy with the results, then why not grow another strain from that breeder and watch out.

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Why is Buying Cannabis Seeds Online Better than Shopping at the Local Dispensaries?

Though this option is available only in some countries like Canada, buying cannabis seeds at the local dispensaries is pretty straightforward. However, your options will be too limited.

The staff of your preferred dispensary must be able to provide you the information about the seeds they sell. However, don’t forget that most dispensaries specialize in selling end-products and flower. Therefore, you must call in advance and talk to the staff to find out whether they’re knowledgeable regarding seeds and can provide you specific growing details.

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online Legally?

There are some guidelines to follow when buying cannabis seeds online. The seed banks across the world will let one buy cannabis seeds provided he or she met the following qualifications:

  • The consumer must be 21 years old and above.
  • The consumer should be a resident of Canada, UK, US, and other European countries like Spain and the Netherlands.

Once you meet those qualifications, you can quickly move forward and place the order for your preferred cannabis strain.

Tips for Buying Cannabis Seeds Online Legal

Buying cannabis seeds through the web is quite risky. However, these simple tips will help you avoid these creepy risks:

  • First, you have to keep the whole thing confidential. Don’t let your friends or even relatives that you are buying and using cannabis products. Just keep the transaction between you and the seller because that will help a lot in securing your safety while buying cannabis seeds online.
  • Pay for your cannabis seeds by using your credit card. Seed companies these days destroy or delete your personal details once your order is already processed. Therefore, the whole transaction stays risk-free.
  • To ensure further your safety, buy cannabis seeds by using cash, money order, or prepaid Visa card instead.
  • For the shipment process, provide your correct name and address. You can also use initials of your address for your privacy. These things will help in preventing your parcel from getting lost.
  • Use a public email address in providing the needed ordering details. Using a public email address will be safer compared to your business email address.
  • Send the package to someone or to a place that doesn’t have an exact connection with you. It can be your best friend and his home address. Whoever you choose, don’t tell the person regarding the package’s content. Just tell the person that you’ve been expecting a parcel. A reputable breeder in Canada ships marijuana discreetly.
  • Never sign the delivery receipt. When the delivery boy asks for a signature, ask someone else to sign it for you.
  • Be patient. Shipping cannabis internationally will take more time. It may take several days to weeks or so for the seed company to process and deliver your order. Wait for at least a week before calling the seller. Remember, you’re buying cannabis seeds, not clothes or a pair of shoes.
  • In case of a big order, break it into small order and put them in different seed companies. This will help in preventing parcel loss and incorrect shipment.
  • Buy cannabis seeds only from a reliable seed company. Choose a seller that provides and guarantees prompt processing and shipment.
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Your safety should be your top priority when buying cannabis seeds whether at a local dispensary or through the web. Follow these safety tips for buying cannabis seeds online legal for your convenience.

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