Things to Consider When Ordering Autoflowering Weed Seeds

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Before you can purchase autoflowering weed online, there are a few things that you need to prepare first. However this differs depending on your choice of shop. If you choose to get it from a local shop near your area then you just need the cash and some basic knowledge on how to determine if the seeds are of quality.

Getting discount autoflowering weed seeds online, however, is a different case. Most major companies can offer you to pay through credit card or cash. If you want to order and will use cash, then you need to have an address to which the seeds will be delivered to. Some growers don’t give out their home address for this kind of shipping.

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What Do you Need to be Able to Buy Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds Online?

When you are getting it online, then you need a credit card to complete your transaction. This involves giving away your personal information. A shipping address is also necessary for this. You can either use your home address, a friend’s or an empty lot if you have high regards to anonymity.

Should you Use a Real Name when you Purchase Auto-flowering Ganja Seeds?

Using a real name for shipping purposes is not really necessary. When you buy marijuana seeds online, your personal information will be kept confidential. Only you and the company will know about these kind of information. You can just give an alias or a nickname.

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There are some shipping services who will not require any signature when they delivered the package. If you have this option, it is best to choose it because it will keep your identity a secret.

Are there Precautions that you Should Take when Buying Seeds Online?

Being extra careful about your marijuana related activities is always the best way to go. Never boast about buying discounted auto-flowering seeds to anyone. You also need to make sure that the site that you are doing business is legit. You can read on forums and customer feed backs to be sure. This is because you are going to share your credit card information to them.

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Purchasing marijuana seeds online can be tedious at first but it ensures your anonymity throughout the entire transaction. If you want a faster and more personal way, then best to go to a local shop. There you can check the seeds personally and pay cash leaving no personal information behind.

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