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marijuana vs. alcohol

What is the best about marijuana and alcohol? Are they good for your marijuana health or could they bring disastrous conditions? Which is better among the two? Let first have a knowledge of the significant aspect of the two before jumping into comparison. We have a lot of ideas about alcohol compared with the weeds. Definitely,  investigations on the issue are progressing however there are still a lot of loopholes on the inedible examination. We are not knowledgeable enough and we barely have an idea of the risk of marijuana so we assume it’s less harmful or secure. In general, marijuana shows fewer threats compared to alcohol however there are a lot of aspects to appraise. Additional is that each of the two has many different qualities and distinct structures that generate dissimilar outcomes. Seatback and relax, we will learn about the difference between marijuana vs. alcohol.

Utilization of Alcohol and Marijuana

Each of the alcohol utilization and weed smoking gets hold of duty in our physique, presenting both long and short term conditions effect, it has been reported that it results in 88, 000 deaths a year, which is said by the CDC, while for the causes of marijuana vs. alcohol are hard to predict. Compared to the accurate investigation of alcohol that affects our health, a study about marijuana’s health effect is still newly launched in our perspective. 

Differences of Alcohol and Marijuana in their Short-term Consequences 

Weeds and alcohol differ in each person in their short-term effects. Having over drinking or without alcohol tolerance may have the same feeling to every person, relating the different excitements. If you feel the side effect of hanging over either drunken state, it depends on how much bottle or volume you have taken in. but too much drink can kill you. It may affect your heart and brain as you take in so much alcohol which builds up so fast as your craving for more and without the thought of stopping to drink as much as you can and as long as your stomach accepts it. You will die instantly the moment you start drinking it could end your life in just five minutes. And it is not that easy and seems not to exist in weeds. 

It is more and kind of unpredictable when we talk about marijuana. Smoking marijuana does not really link and is much subtler compared to the case of cigarette smoking which brough 440, 000 deaths a year in the US. Taking marijuana smoke does not lead to a fatal overdose on a container the same with the alcohol but it could damage your cardiovascular system, and leads to your blood pressure increases as well your heart rate. 

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Compared to marijuana, alcohol is much easier to connect with the other potion. The process of taking in or drinking alcohol in our body is somewhat much related to those maintenance or vitamins we take in for it is somehow our body is craving in and just needs to take regularly. That’s why when you have a medication or vitamins and you’re drinking alcohol that drug is not effective because of the alcohol contradicting its use in the body which causes it to decrease or increase its activeness. 

Short-term Effects of Alcohol

Each person has a different experience or feeling when being drunk. Others may feel composure and calm, others might be feeling irritated, exhausted, or tense. Other short-term effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • shorter attention span
  • restlessness
  • impaired cognitive skills
  • impaired judgment
  • relaxation
  • giddiness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • coordination and reflex issues

Expect a heavy headache or hangover the next day you wake up. Not only hungover but you may also have the effect of diarrhea, vomiting, and other effects due to too much alcohol. 

Short-term Effects of Marijuana

The instant reaction of marijuana changes totally to every person. Below is the daily recorded effect of marijuana:

  • pain relief
  • dry mouth
  • dry, red eyes
  • coordination and reflex issues
  • impaired cognitive skills
  • increased hunger
  • giddiness
  • drowsiness
  • nausea
  • altered perception of time
  • impaired judgment
  • relaxation (though it can also make others feel anxious)

Always remember that these results do not connect with other kinds of utilization practice which includes vaping or smoking. Weeds are much connected to people who do experience and having the side effect of too much drunk or hangover such as:

  • brain fog
  • headaches
  • drowsiness

Differences of Alcohol and Marijuana in their Long-term Health Consequences 

Too much drinking of alcohol is quite popular in its long-term effect. Drinking heavily might cause so much damage and results, it may lead to a frightening matter which derives from chronic drinking of alcohol. The result is damaging your liver by having its disease and leads to liver fibrosis and may be caught by liver cancer. Scientists could not identify the specific disease due to chronic drinking but surely the consequences are not that mild. Developing liver disease might not have the medical biochemical knowledge but you have to drink moderately to not risk your health. 

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Compared to alcohol the consequences of marijuana are not that specific. And according to the expert on animals, it said that it varies and may derive from the reproduction of plants. And also, the side effect could be very triggering for it worsen psychiatric matters to those users who are susceptible to them, as well let them feel they were back in their younger years. Therefore, you may hatch coughs, bronchitis, chronic inflammation in the passageway of the air are the consequences of smoking drugs. 

It was found out that marijuana smoking could also cause lung cancer. No one could provide the difference why marijuana and tobacco smoking varies in its effects specifically on the lungs, but maybe others benefit from the composition of weed smoke eternalize the disease reaction, or maybe the smoker of marijuana and cigarette practice is much different from each other. 

Long-term Effects of Alcohol

The same with the short-term effect of marijuana and alcohol, it also varies in different people for the long-term effect. When being devoured for quite a long time or inedible period, it could lead to a various long term effect of alcohol, which is stated below: 

  • Liver disease. Heavy drinking can lead to an incurable liver disease, which can cause the malfunctioning of our body and cannot do the assigned task in our body. 
  • Pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a cause of abusive use of alcohol, which is caught by the disease in the pancreas. 
  • Heart damage. Commonly take damage your cardiovascular system because of being intoxicated. 
  • Stomach and digestive issues. Because of the misuse and not drinking in moderation, it could lead to different issues in your stomach and digestion like pain, ulcer, stomach irritation, bloating, and others. 
  • Central nervous system damage. Somehow cause malfunctioning of the body, cannot hold a grip or numbness of the limbs and much close to paralyze if this will be neglected. 
  • Erectile dysfunction. It can lead to erectile dysfunction due to heavy drinking or chronic use of alcohol. 
  • Infertility. This is somehow worse because there is a possibility that you cannot bear or have a child being impotent because of alcohol. 

Long-term Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana’s long-term effect is somehow not that comprehensive, also there are a lot of changes in consumption concerns. Up to this point, here are the common long term effect related to weed:

  • Brain development issue. According to the study, teenagers who use to consume marijuana vs. alcohol could likely develop the issue in their brains as they age when they still continue to smoke. On the other hand, experts cannot provide an answer if this matter is indefinite or temporary. 
  • Schizophrenia. The connection between schizophrenia and marijuana is still unclear and not fully understood. But somehow, the study believes that marijuana can lead to provoking schizophrenia in other people, especially those people who already have a family history of such. 
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Again, the effect of these does not cover those related to utilization practice. Remember that other studies do not really have high-quality or accurate findings of the long-term studies of marijuana effects.

Benefits of Alcohol and Marijuana

Heavy drinking does not justify its remediation and medical use but somehow has its health benefits only apply to these drinking moderately, these include less fever or cold and cardiovascular disease at a low rate. Heavy drinking is very much not recommendable and this is why we prohibit you but to those drinks in moderation is much safer. 

In the case of marijuana which is legalized has been a debate for a period for its medical use in the public policy, enough proof and evidence pointed out the benefit of this marijuana plant. Experts are not sleeping to find out the specific recipe in the beneficial effects of marijuana for the health of humans. This has a possibility of clinical tests for those who suffer from diabetes, cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and other disorders and illness if ever the researchers found out and have knowledge on their chemical effects. 

It was said that in a certain area they were able to accept that marijuana smoking can be very beneficial and is remediable in the health as well suggesting the cycle. But in some areas, they claim that it provides different kinds of medicine not to heal or cure illness but to make a person feel the numbness and not pain that is their goal. Researchers of public health stated that the study rate of accident, mental illness and injuries and teen users in the realization of the newly abided law could lead to a better knowledge of the public health effect of marijuana vs. alcohol. 


In conclusion, there is no clear and accurate answer to the debate between marijuana vs. alcohol. On the outside, it has obviously appeared that marijuana is much safer but does not have enough evidence or proof to uplift who is the best and which is better. It depends on the perspective of each person and whatever may seem safer for one person does not reflect and vary to another one. We just have to be mindful enough of the things we take in because what we eat reflects us. Be guided with the public health issue and drink or smoke moderately.  As we learn the difference between marijuana vs. alcohol share with your friends and discuss it.

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