Original Skunk Automatic Marijuana Strain for Growing Weed

A number of influential and iconic strains were already listed to be renowned breeds of cannabis plants, and among these famed categorized plants is the Original Skunk Automatic Marijuana. The effects of the Skunk have been notable to not only be reliable, but are moreover, consistently powerful too. That is one of the reasons why breeders accustomed it to be a legendary fixture to their own seed catalogs, even was named to be Sacred in terms of cannabis seeds.

The creation of these seeds was back in the late 1970’s, from the genetics of Mexican and Colombian Sativa, alongside the Afghani Indica. The characteristics that are favorable from these crossed breeds is that the Sativa strains are anticipated to be dank and tastefully pungent, and proffers high effects, while the Indica efficiently promotes quick and heavy flowering capacities. The aroma is distinctive too, unlike any other cannabis plant. Aside from these facts, the Original Skunk was soon bred with Ruderalis, and as a result, the Original Skunk Automatic was introduced to the public.

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In matters of growth and height tendencies, the Original Skunk is profiled to be tiny when it comes to stature. According to the studies, its most reached height is only for 60 to 90 cm. Although the height is small, this would be used of advantage to individuals who wishes to keep their cannabis plants out of sight and hidden as discreet as possible. The Original Skunk is also covered with nuggets of resin which are filled with trichomes. If to be smoked, a good ventilation system is to be required, due to the fact that its aroma is strong and overpowering. The harvest period of this cannabis plant is within the time frame of 8 to 9 weeks, inclusive of the germination process until reaping stage, with the production of 60 g/plant.

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Where to Order High Quality Original Skunk Automatic Marijuana Seeds?

You can order high quality yet cheap Original Skunk Automatic marijuana seeds from an online cannabis seed bank and have them shipped right to your address discreetly that even your mailman won’t know what’s inside the package. You might also receive some free seeds with your order. Promo and discounts for seeds may differ but what’s matters most is the quality of the seeds.

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