How to Grow Autoflower Marijuana Plants Organically

organic marijuana plants

Organic marijuana plants produce buds with a distinct flavor and effect. This is due to the lack of chemicals or artificial nutrient substances given to the plants throughout its growth cycle. In addition, organic gardens are more beneficial to autoflowering plants due to the efficient delivery of nutrients.

Creating an organic garden to cultivate any autoflower weed seeds will not cost a fortune. If done right, you may actually save money by not buying synthetic nutrient supplements. Let us show you how you can organically grow your autoflower marijuana plants.

Key to Organic Autoflower Marijuana Plants

The key to growing organic autoflower plants is the medium. Plants that can thrive outside of civilization can draw a sufficient amount of nutrients from the soil without relying on nutrient supplements. One such medium that carries nearly all of the nutrients an autoflower cannabis seeds needs is organic super soil.

Organic autoflower cannabis plants need at least three nutrients. One of these three is nitrogen, which is essential for the plant’s vegetative phase and chlorophyll process. Phosphorus is the second important nutrient when it comes to producing buds. Potassium is the third, which your plants need for various biological functions such as respiration.

Making your Organic Marijuana plants Super Soil Compost

Organic super soil utilizes a special compost that has ingredients degrade over time. As an ingredient decomposes, it releases its nutrients to the soil and makes it available to the plant. A good compose can also keep the pH value of the soil at an optimal range for any autoflower plants.

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You can give yourself a break by looking for organic composts in garden stores or even online shops. Many of these have all the ingredients you need to provide your autoflower plants the proper nutrients at each growth stage.

If you want to be hands-on with your own organic super soil, you can create your own organic compost at home. Here are some of the ingredients to add to your compost.

  • Blood meal
  • Bone meal
  • Guano
  • Rock phosphate
  • Banana peel powder
  • Lime juice
  • Azomite
  • Epsom Salt
  • Gardening manure
  • Coffee grounds

Blood meal, manure, and coffee grounds will give your plants a good nitrogen supply when they decompose. Rock phosphate and bone meal are rich in phosphorus. Banana powder and guano can give your plants potassium. Other ingredients of the compost provide other useful nutrients and help control the pH value of the soil.

Conditioners for your Organic Super Soil

Other important components for the organic super soil to your autoflower cannabis plants includes some aerate agents. These agents create a sufficient airway for air to reach your plant’s roots.

Yes, roots actually need oxygen for the plant to live. When there is no light for photosynthesis, the roots draw in energy to turn its sugar into energy. The soil is also where the plant diffuses its carbon dioxide. They require a good airway to vent out the excessive gas.

Proper aeration of your soil is also important for the medium’s water drainage and retention. Good organic super soil can remove an excessive amount of water to prevent any damages to the roots. It should also retain enough moisture to prevent the soil from drying too quickly.

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One of the best conditioners to add is perlite. These are volcanic glass that is small and hard. Another option is vermiculite, a soft and spongy form of mica.

Important Notes in Using Organic Super Soil

Before using the super soil, check its pH value. It should have a value of 6.5 to 7.0, which is slightly acidic. This range makes the nutrients within the soil available for the plants.

If the soil is alkaline or has a high pH value, add some coffee grounds and alfalfa meals to make it acidic. Should the soil be acidic, add some dolomite lime or ground oyster shells. All ingredients are organic and natural.

Well-mixed super soil will have an incredible amount of nutrients. However, this can be too much for how to grow autoflower marijuana that is still within the seedling stage. To avoid damaging your young plants and still use your super soil, add a layer of another medium between the two. This medium can be potting soil or coco peat.

Providing Nutrients to Autoflower Plants

You should not have any problems with nitrogen if you use the ingredients in making compost for your super soil. In addition, the short vegetative phase of autoflower plants means that it does not need too much nitrogen to develop its plant structure. The soil should also have enough potassium and phosphorus for the auto cannabis plant’s flowering phase.

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If you see signs of nitrogen or other nutrient deficiencies, you may need to add some more to the soil. Nitrogen can come from male plant juice. Simply cut the leaves of your male auto plants and grind them into a mash. With a cheesecloth, squeeze the juice out of the mash and onto a container. Mix a drop of the juice to a ½ cup of water and pour it onto the plant’s soil.

When you need to bolster your plant’s potassium and phosphorus levels during the flowering stage, use fruits rich in either or both nutrients instead of cannabis leaves. Some fruits include melons and bananas.

Organic Pesticides for Plants

Apart from picking the right medium and using natural vitamin supplements, pest control is another crucial part in organically on how to grow autoflower marijuana seeds. One method of doing this is to introduce some good insects to your garden.

Some of the best insects to use are predator mites and ladybugs. Both insects dine on spider mites and other pests that feed on your plants.

Another method is to make some natural pesticides. You can do this by mixing the extract of garlic, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, rosemary, and cloves. The combination of these extracts can drive away from most pests from your plant. Simply mix a drop of the extract to some water and spray it on the plants.

Using a super soil medium, organic nutrient supplements, and natural pest control measures will help how to grow autoflower marijuana. This results in high yield rates of quality buds.

Organic marijuana plants is a good way of enjoying the natural high of the herb. It helps you find something new about yourself. As the late Allen Ginsberg said, “Marijuana is a good medium for special cerebral perceptions..”

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