Is it Safe to Order Cannabis Seeds Online?

safe to order cannabis seeds

Nowadays, it’s possible to buy almost anything online. From food to electronics, from books to insurance, you can find whatever you need with just a few clicks and swipes. A cannabis grower will also be able to purchase cannabis products including seeds, growing equipment, and headgear. Seeds, in particular, can be purchased online too; but is it safe to order cannabis seeds online?

A Short Answer to this Question

Yes, if you are careful. It’s true that there are a lot of scammers online, preying on unsuspecting people and taking advantage of very eager cannabis growers. However, you can become smarter than these people.

You can order cannabis seeds, as well as marijuana products online and accessories but only through a reputable dealer or supplier.

Why Order Cannabis Seeds Online Anyway?

In some countries where cannabis use, growing, and buying is legal, consumers still turn to online stores to buy what they need. Usually, they would rather purchase online because of the following reasons:

  • There is a short supply of cannabis seeds from local stores.

In Canada, during the time when cannabis was initially regulated, shops opened and people flocked these dispensaries and seed banks. People wanted to get their hands on cannabis and seeds.

The first months created a shopping frenzy. Almost all seeds were sold and it was too frustrating to visit a local dispensary or seed bank because nothing was left! The high demand for anything marijuana continued and it was just practical it is safe to order cannabis seeds buy online.

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Online cannabis seed banks may not have actual stores but are connected with a large number of suppliers, growers, and breeders so they won’t run out of products. Usually, you may find seeds that are out of stock but this is usually temporary.

  • They can’t find the cannabis seeds that they want from local shops

Usually, you may end up buying another kind of cannabis instead of the one you want because you just can’t find it from a local dispensary or seedbank. Seasoned breeders and growers, in particular, are looking for unique seeds and seeds that are not your usual garden variety seeds.

When you buy online, you can purchase from any supplier all around the world. You can be in the USA but you can buy from a breeder from Spain or from a small farmer in Thailand. You will be able to grow landrace strains, new strains and popular ones too. As long as it’s legal to grow cannabis in your area then it’s easy to buy cannabis seeds anywhere.

  • They want to save money on buying marijuana seeds online.

Although you don’t have to pay for shipment and deliveries when you buy from a local store, you may also save money when you buy online. How is this possible? You can take advantage of deals, discounts and special offers. There are free delivery offers in some seed banks if you reach a certain total amount.

Also, there are online cannabis seed banks that sell seeds in bulk. This will give you a lot of savings since you won’t have to pay for shipment and deliveries every time you place an order.

  • Their mode of payment is not accepted at local stores

Local dispensaries and seed banks in the US only accept cash. Canadian seedbanks may also accept credit cards. But what if you want to purchase seeds using Bitcoin or using other modes of payment?

This is where online seed banks come in handy. You can select a seed bank that accepts your mode of payment such as bank transfers, wire transfers, Western Union payments and cryptocurrency.  

  • They are located very far from the local seed bank

Usually, seed banks are situated in the city where a lot of people are located. In Las Vegas, seed banks and dispensaries are found near hotels, casinos, airports and in malls. If you’re located far from these areas the only option is to purchase seeds and other marijuana accessories from an online shop.  

  • They want to buy accessories and growing equipment along with cannabis seeds.

Some consumers are not just looking for cannabis seeds. They are asking is it safe to order cannabis seeds online because they want to buy other stuff like growing equipment.

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Not all local shops carry the latest growing equipment and usually, you need to order online from cannabis growing specialty shops.  

How to Safely Order Cannabis Seeds Online?

Ordering cannabis seeds online does not have to be complicated as well as dangerous even for a beginner. Accept that there are good, reputable sites and there are also illegal sites who just want nothing but your money and your information.

The first thing you need to learn is how to spot a good and reputable cannabis site from a dangerous site. Here are a few things to check:

  • The home page of the online cannabis seed bank

Just like the façade of a building or home, the home page presents the business and will provide information about how the business works as well as important items like their latest products, latest deals, contact information, partner breeder or grower lists, direct links to different products, direct links to the blog page and more.

There must be appropriate images on the home page, images that are related to cannabis growing or about marijuana. Scary, dangerous or illicit images are red flags; never enter the site or buy anything from it.

  • The initial pop-up page

Most online marijuana seed banks and dispensaries have a pop-up that appears before you even see the home page. Usually, this pop-up has a message asking if you want to continue and it’s asking for your age.

Although sometimes it’s irritating, this is the first sign that the site you are entering is a reliable site. Don’t worry about revealing your age because this is just to protect minors from the contents of the site.

  • The products pages

Now the products pages should be arranged according to the type of strain so you can easily find what you need. A site that has a lot of products is promising while a seed bank that has only a few products may be questionable.

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Click on different products to visit each one’s product page. Check if there is a description of the product, information about the cannabinoid components of the product and so on.

The price must be clearly indicated and the number of seeds per pack. A shopping cart should make it easier to shop for all the seeds you need. If a site requires you to call or email the strain you wish to order then consider these as red flags. You might end up paying for orders that will never arrive.

  • The promos or discount page

If there’s a promo or discounts page, click on it. Look for the latest promos and the terms of each promo. Reputable seed banks will have a lot of regular offers and deals.

  • The contacts page

There must be at least three ways to contact the business. The most reliable one is through call using a toll-free number. This is because you’ll get to talk to a live agent or representative who will be able to help you right away.

There must be an email address and a customer contact form so you can further talk to the agent and attach some files that you wish to send. These are helpful if you want to contact a representative for any concerns about your order.

If there is a chat service then this would also be a good way to contact customer service. This will let you talk to a live agent and get an immediate response.

A physical address is another way to tell if the cannabis site is safe. If there is a local shop near you then you can drop by to claim your orders.

  • The about  us page

This page tells all about the business, how it started and information about their business structure. A site with a well-made about us page is a sign that they are committed to serving their customers.

  • The payments page

If there is a page that informs customers about the different payment options that the site accepts then this is a good sign. This reduces the hassle of ordering different products and dropping orders in case your preferred payment option is not on the list.

If a site asks you to send money before your orders will be shipped then order elsewhere. If a site tells you to wire money using a bank account number then buy from other sites.

  • The FAQ page

Sometimes you don’t want to order yet and would like to clarify things like the delivery conditions that the company has or their terms when it comes to undelivered packages or returns. You must be able to get this information from a site’s FAQ page.

The FAQ page of a seed bank is often neglected but usually, it gives a hint if you’re asking is it safe to order cannabis seeds online.

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