Growing Northern Lights Auto Flowering Marijuana

northern lights auto marijuana

The Northern Lights Auto Marijuana is a clear favorite among weed growers and users. This famous cannabis strain can be harvested within 8 weeks, making it one of the fastest, most compact, and densest breed of weed. Its buds are of Afghan undertone, with a scent of honey-musk. Since the aroma of the Northern Lights is not that strong, it is a staple both in commercial and connoisseur purposes.

Northern Lights is very easy to grow and is perfect for beginners. In a mere 8 weeks, you will begin to smell the pleasant Indica smoke that’s potent and rich. This popular strain boasts a THC level of 15% or more; CBD is 0.9%, and CBN of 0.3%. The auto flowering version of the Northern Lights will start to flower in its 8th or 9th week.

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Although a highly potent strain, Northern Lights are recommended for noob growers. One of the best features of this auto-flowering plant is its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures during its vegetative state.

This specific strain was also featured in the movie Pineapple Express, which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. Northern Lights is responsible for the many strains that have gained awards in various cannabis cups, including its birthplace, Holland. It was bred by Nirvana grow experts, who are particularly well-known experienced breeders.

In cultivating Northern Lights Auto Flowering, growers can expect, compact buds, high flower to leaf ratio, and amazing production of resin, reportedly, 3 oz. per plant. Although it can perfectly grow outdoors, a grower’s only problem is its strong smell of fruity sweet mixtures. Outdoors, expect 1 lb of marijuana per plant, if all conditions are perfectly set.

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The abundance of yield, versatility in grow methods (hydroponics, indoor, outdoor, soil), Nirvana’s Northern Lights auto strain is the perfect choice for growers, experienced or not.

Where to buy Northern Lights Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds?

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