Nebula Autoflowering – Growing Autoflowering Strain and Info

Nebula Autoflowering cannabis seeds is an Indica dominant strain which can be grown using both indoor and outdoor setups. The strain got its name from its frosty appearance. The buds of Nebula have plenty of trichomes and are dense. Because of the frosty twinkling appearance, the strain has been named a Star-cloud – Nebula. The THC coating makes this strain more attractive.

Because of the Nebula’s sweet taste, it has become a common choice for first time smokers. The buds taste and smell like honey.

In growing Nebula autoflowering seeds, one should take note that it is best grown outdoors. Its TCH level can reach up to 18%. When smoked, this type of weed can take quite a long to effect. It hits you first with a cerebral high and then it subtle down until you feel relaxed. Most users are put to sleep after 2-3 hours, making it perfect for those who suffer from insomnia and anxiety.

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One of the things that attract first time growers to the Nebula auto-flowering seeds is the fact that it’s low maintenance and doesn’t need much in order to harvest excellent buds. It works both in soil and hydroponics and an amazing amount of yield can be expected in a span of 8-9 weeks. It is best to harvest the Nebula on October where the air is just the right amount of cold and the sun, not too warm. This is the recommended weather for this type of strain.

The Nebula Auto-flowering plant is popular and has bagged awards in the years 1999, 2004, and 2005. The strain ranked 3rd in the High Times Cannabis Cup for Sativa category in 1999, 3rd place for the hydro category in the High-life Cup 2004 and 2nd place the following year.

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Where to Buy Nebula Autoflowering Seeds?

You can buy Nebula Auto-flowering seeds and other high quality auto-flowering, feminized and regular marijuana strains which are for sale in an online marijuana seed bank. There is a lot of high quality and legitimate marijuana seed banks that you can trust. Ordering marijuana seeds on the internet is easy, secure and reliable for as long as you buy from a legitimate company. You can also get some freebies like free seeds and discounts.

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