Most Yielding Autoflowering Strain

most yielding autoflower strain

Autoflowers can grow amazingly fast and don’t rely on the light hours for it to bloom. As they are producing a lot of weed, the autoflowering strains have become very popular as most yielding autoflower strain and quality strain appears on the market. 

Most Yielding Strains

  • Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana

The period to bloom lasts only 8 weeks. The Northern Lights is 70% Indica 70, 20% Sativa, and 10%ruderalis. The quality of THC is average-high of 15.08% and can yield around 150 grams when grown outdoors and 250 grams indoors.

Northern Lights Auto-Flower produces thick, dense, and heavily frosted buds on top of huge, earthy Afghan notes, smelling a rare mixture of honey and musk. The result is Northern Lights pretty much from start to finish, a special kind of high that leaves the body feeling fantastic and the mind fresh.

As an award-winning in  Cannabis Cup and loved by the crowd, this cannabis strain ensures to offer you and your close friends’ relaxed laziness and quiet, mellow time. Doesn’t matter if whether you are growing cannabis for commercial or personal purposes, having autoflowering Northern Lights strain is the good thing you can do with your set.

  • White Widow Autoflower Marijuana 

Indica-dominant with a bit of Sativa and Ruderalis, this White Widow boasts a powerful and completely destructive high that is difficult to find in other strains. Since it is an autoflowering cannabis strain, it is simple to develop and, just within eight weeks, finishes flowering by itself.

This strain is anticipated to deliver crops weighing up to 250 grams indoors; outdoors, it could yield up to 150 grams. The Original White Widow’s high THC content here remains at 21.10 %, and the CBD percentage is 0.70 %.

As her parent, this strain is extremely strong and offers an incredible, intense buzz that will knock out your heads. All from the smell to the taste to the result is super smooth and dank buds reeks of the highest quality.

  • Mazar Autoflower Marijuana 

This Indica dominant strain combined with a Ruderalis strain, which is a hybrid between an Afghani and Skunk strain. This auto-flowering form of Mazar provides a rapid flowering period from germination of about 90 days. Despite its low THC content, it provides mild psychoactive effects; nevertheless, this doesn’t mean it has no benefit. Generally speaking, the scent of the incense with hints of citrus is producing a vibrant encounter for its user.

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Although many may not be tempted by its low THC level, its soothing effects are still evident and sufficiently effective to bring a pain-free sedative encounter. Many marijuana types don’t always have the couch-lock feeling, but all it does is strong enough to get you to a euphoric high. The powerful Indica plant when grown outdoors is a great provider. With its solid and robust structure, the sunny climate bodes well. Harvesting time is coming; growers should expect good to high yields.

  • Pure Indica Feminized Marijuana

The Pure Indica (female seed) is quite loveable in the way of providing huge comfort. It is inherited from the genotype of Afghanis. This Pure Indica female seed is considered to be around 13% to 17% THC content. This is perfect for fruity flavor and aroma. This can deliver as expected, its guaranteed returns.

It may seem a very unusual form, but fora lot of users this still remains a favorite. It is because it gives off a sensation of floating. The body will stay comfortable and fun as if stuck to a sofa.

It is graded as a pure Indica of 100%. This seed can become a small plant packed with its power shot. It’s loved by many users for its proven medicinal qualities. Therefore they depend more on it. This is just so calming and elevating in the height that it can offer. This shows Indica characteristics that are apparent only in the hybrids.

  • Pineapple Haze Marijuana

For a lot of good reasons this feminized seed called Pineapple Haze is considered to achieve its legendary status. This draws smokers’ attention because of its fruity scent, too. This helps users to remain in the brainy and trippy buzz throughout. It is indeed a sweet treat which makes it a great Cannabis Heaven gift. That can provide a nice and smooth experience of smoking. That can provide a nice and smooth experience of smoking. Health and recreational consumers likewise love this too. 

Such as the Pineapple and Haze mix is widely known and desired. The root of his name is those two original parents.

Growing up this seed female takes a great deal of practice and effort. This is the same as the classic Sativa which relies on its flowering time for its beauty. Growing this Marijuana variety will always be worth the wait. This will guarantee you a strong turnout of about 15 to 22 % with its THC level. Although this is packed with its mean punch, this is relatively potent. This takes just a whiff for a consumer to experience its fullness.

  •  Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower

The high content of THC would also be one of the key points to select which strain of cannabis provides the best experience. Many marijuana typically hovers about 15 percent, but with their THC content, there are several elite strain groups that go overboard. Critical x Gorilla Glue #4 Cannabis Autoflower is among the few selected strains offering THC content of about 22 percent. After the first few tokes this fairly distributed pressure hits like a tank. The results will wind around your head in a matter of seconds, and you start to feel experience feelings of joy and good health.

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A high concentration of THC also implies there are also medicinal advantages of it. THC is a cannabinoid that provides great medicinal benefits and it has a lot of that in Vital x Gorilla Glue # Autoflower. A brand of cannabis will be marketed to people who are searching for another way to cope with pain and other problems such as migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic back pain. In developing this strain, the right nourishment with ample daylight will help to maintain its rapidly-flowing growth. Growers can expect great yields from this crop, recognizing that one of the best for producing most yielding autoflower strain is its parent strains.

  •  AK-47 Autoflower Marijuana

This very well-balanced strain is a combination of three landraces of Sativa, namely Thai, Mexican, and Colombianbreed. AK-47 Autoflower introduces just that little bit of Indica characteristic to its biology, which makes for some balance. To its consumer, the increasing of the Indica strain added a few psychedelic effects, adding a few more tension to the strain. If you are looking for a successful afternoon at work, though, therefore this strain should be your best option. This strain has been known to be the go-to cannabis for recreational and medicinal reasons since its release some 20 years ago.

Much of its medicinal benefits are connected to its Sativa genetics origins where the higher concentration of cannabinoids aids the body to recover a ton lot. Your feeling of health is enhanced, and when you consume this herb, you get to turn on your imaginative mind. The strain’s fresh-headed influence aids innovative minds to function at its peak levels. The great feature of this strain is a multitude of the impact it does not overpower its consumer and rather offers a toned-down mellow high which is characteristic of a Sativa strain.

  •  OG Kush Fast Version Feminized Marijuana 

The OG Kush Quick Version has a distinctive odor, mixing the skunk and fuel odor, giving origin to its characteristic OG Kush. Thick crystal coatings confirm the rich development of trichomes. This marijuana strain is said to be the offspring of Chemdawg, Thai Lemon, and Old World Paki Kush with a powerful Hindu Kush influence, according to the bizarre lineage of OG Kush.

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This weed is a typical feminized seed with a faster time to bloom. It took up to two weeks to cut the total growth time. It has a citrusy and spicy aroma and taste, offering a euphoric rush, immediately elevating the mood. As your mind clears up, an upbeat feeling provides a sense of happiness. Users report having more fun and manageable tasks to perform.

  • White Widow Strain X Crystal Meth Autoflower Marijuana

The mix of White Widow strain and Crystal Meth strain is deathly cannabis strain. Not just only that it’s very strong strains with high THC levels, but with their unforgivable head rush, it is also able to blow your mind off the roof. Partygoers are certainly the target market for this cannabis strain because it helps the body absorb energy rush and embraces the comfortable vibes. The skunky earthy scent works out pretty well with a combination of herbal substance taste, which will certainly tingle the senses.

Speaking of feeling tingling, one would expect some nice stuff from this herb. There is expected to be a positive mental state and the stress from the muscles is gradually released. Given its auto-flowering genetics, growing this strain is not a concern either. Bred to be smoked early in the evening for its long-lasting impact, when consumed in balance one will thoroughly enjoy smoking this herb. This strain is one of the most yielding autoflower strain.


Now we can see many autoflowers being enjoyed thanks to breeders with a passion for producing the most yielding autoflower strain. Growers were hesitant about autoflowers mainly because of the plants’ unforgiving nature. They were also not successful in terms of most yielding autoflower strain compared with strains from the photoperiod.

But now, not only are autoflowers a fantastic producer but at the same time, you can harvest two plants that will need to harvest one packed of the photoperiod cannabis strains. Growing autoflowering cannabis strains is a no-brainer.

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