The Cannabis Most Potent Autoflower Strain 2020

most potent autoflower strain 2020

Several people are searching for the most powerful cannabis in the world has to offer in a marketplace so largely influenced by numbers and figures, particularly if you smoke a lot. If you’re an avid consumer of cannabis, your tolerance is most likely high. Most growers are searching for the strongest and most potent autoflower strain 2020 they could get their hands on, below are some of our most powerful auto strain that will certainly have you all day long as a kite.

So look no further for those of you out there who are searching for the best strains around, as we present the most successful autoflowering strain in 2020.

TOP 5 Most Potent Autoflower Strain 2020 at Crop King Seeds

  • Gelato Autoflower Marijuana 

Gelato Autoflower strain is the ideal combination of Sativa and indica lineage, so you can assumer that this plant to show supreme hybris for, providing the cultivators with enormous yields and intense potency. This plant is also one of the quickest flowering strains which means the Gelato Auto can be harvested from crop to harvest as quickly as 9 weeks. 

The taste is a blend of ice cream that combines off citrus, cookies, and earthy-sweet. The effects can be devastatingly powerful, leaving you firmly locked in a sofa, with ample cognitive edge to hold you in a creative mindset.

Grow Tips

Regardless of its extremely noisy terpene profile, the use of carbon filters is highly recommended right for the job. The aroma can become seriously overwhelming especially when drying the buds.

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Defoliating some leaves of Indica formed fans can help penetrate light into the canopy. This will enable large-sized buds to grow in the lowest parts of the plant.

  • Gorilla Glue Auto

While delivering up to 600gr / m2 of extremely chunky buds in less than 9 weeks, this strain doesn’t require much maintenance, you will see clearly its Indica dominance over its structure and fat side branches all around.

The buds are insane frosty, giving this strain it’s really the world-famous brand, you’ll fall in love with the dark green-tipped calyxes coated with neon orange hairs. The Gorilla Glue is super effective and well recommended for indica dan or has a high tolerance smoker, the impact will have you glued to the couch for hours and leave your face as melting, a very strong high that comes hand in hand with a delicious and really refines citrusy pine taste with a mixture of gas and lemon terpenes, a must-have for kush fans. 

Grow Tips

This cultivar likes a broad feed beginning at week 3 so be sure to give her nutrients of good quality. 

If you cultivate it in lower nighttime temperatures, she can easily produce purple hues. 

Gorilla Glue reacts to defoliation very well but doesn’t overdo it.

  • OG Kush Autoflower Marijuana

The West Coast’s first and strongest strain on kush has to offer. To dank, coal, pine, and citrus terps fan backed by the power to cause a strong buzz with euphoria waves. This chunky compact plant is a great maker and is well suited for Sea of Green and Screen of Green installation. A very low profile, easy to grow cultivator that typically ends about 100cm in height. 

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The 23% THC levels and very complicated terpene profile makes the Original Auto OG Kush a favorite among Indica marijuana suppliers as well as the medical patients enjoying the medical benefits of the high CBD varieties. 

Grow Tips

Teaching marijuana plants using L.S.T is beneficial in order to promote further flowering locations. This strain is already a major producer and the training will only further increase the yields. This marijuana strain can take a large feed and is known to use more Magnesium than any other crop. Providing organic compost or a magnesium supplement for your plants should keep the safety in perfect order. 

Thanks to the low profile and growth structure, growing many tiny plants together are advisable to maximize your growing space indoors or outdoors environments. 

  • Amnesia Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Sativa-dominant strain that develops huge, thick buds from head to toe-capped in resin, with a total flowering period of 70 days from being a seed to harvest. Cultivators living in a tropical climate should find that this strain is a magnificent strain with a bushy but quick growth structure that can grow up to 150 cm in height. This strain is certainly the most vigorous and tallest plant and very well suited to those with hands-on skills with the L.S.T or many of headrooms.

Easily the most favorite Haze strain from around the world that has made its way to every coffee house, community hub, and dispensary around the world. To those who are experiencing an electric, elevating, spinning, intellectual roller coaster mixed with tropical, floral terps and citrus. 

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Grow Tips

It is best to stake the side branches early on, to help support the strong side branches by this pressure. 

Better suited for growers with more experience as she’d like really tall in no time. 

A large cultivar with the yield that produces beautifully in a SCROG.

  •  BlackJack Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

BlackJack Autoflower has some of the most famous genes passed down from the world’s most outstanding strains. It has about 24 percent of the highest THC level content known. Whereas the titular soaring high is this well-balanced strain, it can also cause a creative and energetic high which makes you feel relaxed and centered. The best thing about this herb is its potential to stimulate your desire and by the end of the second half of the session, you end up starving.

When smoking this herb, one might smell the scent of tobacco and pine with its earthy berry flavor. BlackJack Autoflower, bred under warm Mediterranean conditions, provides large quantities of produce and only takes 8 to 10 weeks through germination to grow flowers and in time to harvest them. For this weed, growers can expect about 400 to 550 grams of yield per plant under the right conditions.


Whether it’s an Indica couch-lock that will leave you on your knees begging for more, or you want a super Sativa high, the above list will certainly keep you occupied this year. Note THC is not all, and in the ultimate result, the mixture of both cannabinoids and terpenes plays a 5vital function. Good luck working your way through this list of the most potent autoflower strain 2020!

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